Collection of the strongest AngularJS resources and AngularJS Resources

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Collection of the strongest AngularJS resources and AngularJS Resources

AngularJS is a JavaScript MVC framework open-source by Google. It makes up for the shortcomings of HTML in application construction. It uses the directive structure to expand HTML vocabulary, developers can use HTML to declare dynamic content, making Web development and testing easier.

AngularJS has attracted a lot of attention since its birth and has quickly become a new favorite in the Web development field. This article provides some valuable AngularJS tutorials and resources in 2013,If you want to know about AngularJS or are using AngularJS, these resources will certainly help you in your learning and advanced processes.

1. Understand AngularJS

  • AngularJS Wikipedia
  • Interview with Misko Hevery, founder of AngularJS framework
  • Angular. js VS. Ember. js: who will become the new favorite of Web development?

2. Chinese Resources

1. Chinese Series Resources

  • AngularJS series tutorials-desert and poor autumn
  • AngularJS tutorials-AngularJS Chinese community
  • AngularJS Study Notes-ji yesheng
  • AngularJS Q & A-zhihu

2. Other Single articles

  • AngularJS Best Practices
  • How do developers with jQuery backgrounds establish AngularJS thinking models?
  • Three important reasons for getting started with AngularJS
  • Use AngularJS to build large-scale Web Applications
  • Angularjs development experience
  • Five examples show you how to learn about AngularJS

3. Chinese books

  • Use AngularJS to develop next-generation WEB Applications

Iii. English Resources

1. AngularJS getting started tutorial

  • AngularJS dummies tutorial Series
  • AngularJS mobile development authoritative guide
  • Getting started with AngularJS in 30 minutes
  • 60 minutes to master AngularJS
  • Create model data in your AngularJS Application
  • Use $ https to create a service
  • Understand the five steps of AngularJS
  • Dynamic Loading controller and view of AngularJS and RequireJS
  • Advanced design patterns and best practices
  • AngularJS Animation
  • Interaction between AngularJS Factory and RESTful services
  • Use Angular. js Factory to obtain remote data
  • 10 reasons for using AngularJS
  • Differences between Providers in AngularJS
  • AngularJS Filter
  • AngularJ tutorial for jQuery developers
  • Web developers should understand 10 reasons for AngularJS
  • Angular Js: When should I use direve ve, Controller, and Service?
  • 30 seconds from jQuery to AngularJS

2. AngularJS instruction learning

  • Construct AngularJS commands for jQuery plug-ins
  • Construct AngularJS commands for D3.js bar charts
  • Www. directiv. es: AngularJS command Library
  • Angular-localStorage
  • Videogular: an HTML 5 Video Player Based on AngularJS
  • Angular-cache
  • Angular commands available for Twitter Bootstrap
  • Angular chart commands and services
  • Table sorting

3. AngularJS application development practices

  • Use examples to learn about AngularJS-customer management applications
  • AngularJS and IndexedDB
  • AngularJS: Build a reusable click-to-edit command
  • Real-time log search functions created by Play, Akka, AngularJS, and Elasticsearch
  • Use Firebase and AngularJS to build your own Google Reader
  • Use Phonegap, AngularJS, and ExpressJS to develop a mobile App
  • BirdWatch v0.2: a Tweet stream analysis tool based on AngularJS, ElasticSearch, and Play Framework
  • Real-time search tools based on Solr and AngularJS
  • Sortis: Twitter client for advanced users, stepping stone for beginners
  • Customizable Twitter AngularJS timeline
  • AngularJS command design is easier

4. AngularJS Game Development 

  • Circle and cross-cutting game based on CoffeeScript and AngularJS
  • Super Mario card flip game

5. AngularJS workflow and Test

  • AngularJS testing policy [Video]
  • Use Combining Yeoman, AngularJS, and Cordova to develop mobile apps
  • Introduction to Angular, Yeoman, and Chrome applications [Video]
  • Use Jasmine to test Angular. js applications
  • Use AngularJS and Karma for full spectrum testing
  • Use the Grunt plug-in to create AngularJS documents
  • Ng-boilerplate: a sample of the new AngularJS Project
  • AngularJS-based Chrome Web checker Extension
  • Use AngularJS package in Sublime Text

6. AngularJS books

  • AngularJS in Action
  • The Beginner's guide to AngularJS
  • Mastering Web Application Development with AngularJS

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