Company Registered Entrepreneurship Service Package--Company Registration + website Construction + Trademark Registration + Project Consulting

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Company registration Start-up service Package

--Company Registration + website Construction + Trademark Registration + Project Consulting

Registered companies to find industrial and commercial agencies? Trademark registration to find a trademark office? Website production to find website construction company? Project feasibility to find management consulting company? Marketing to find a sales planning company? ...... How to dock? How to save money? How to realize the effective unification of the strategy? Find a brain Consultant! One-stop service to make entrepreneurship easier!

a business from the establishment to the development and growth, the need for services have registration, taxation, legal, marketing, human capital and other aspects of the service, but the market in various areas of service agencies limited to a professional field of service, lawyers only focus on the law, accountants only focus on accounting, marketing planners limited to marketing, Investment advisory bodies are limited to project investment advice. An enterprise needs to spend a lot of time cost, manpower cost, capital cost and so on various enterprise service organization, and each organization's cooperation and run-in also has the good and bad, the industry and the organization is different, how lets the enterprise service provides the agency to be able to unify with the enterprise overall development strategy effectively unifies and synchronizes? Brain is to solve such a problem and live !

Enterprise Brain Consultants from the strategic development of enterprises, the integration of global resources, the convergence of industry elites, for enterprises to provide a one-stop integrated services, enterprise operation strategy to unify, lower cost, faster efficiency, the overall improvement of enterprise core competitiveness!

Service Items: Company Registered Entrepreneurship Service Package

Service Content: Company Registration + website Construction + Trademark Registration + Project Consulting

Details: Business License +3 seal + domain + space + website + background + trademark + Pre-project Consulting

Service Price: Company Registration 1800+ website Construction 2000 Yuan + Trademark registration 1500 Yuan + Project Consulting 9800

Promotion price: Only 5800 yuan (original price 15100 yuan)

Promotion Period: September 10, 2015-March 31, 2016

For more information, please call the Enterprise Brain Consultant free Hotline: 4006-222-936 for Consultation!

Shenzhen Enterprise Brain Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.

September 10, 2015

Company Registered Entrepreneurship Service Package--Company Registration + website Construction + Trademark Registration + Project Consulting

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