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A few days ago a small set up a 2014 desktop installation configuration recommended articles, so today to talk about how to go to the physical store installed the problem. First of all, I recommend a few sets of configurations I think are very good price-performance models, but also because of the high cost of oil and water to fish less, so the agents of these brands are actually not much, so no goods is inevitable will appear. Compared to the computer city's access to goods, these brands are not really many agents, the goods are often broken. Coastal first-tier cities will not be the case, if it is a two or three-line city and inland, out of stock is often the thing. When you refer to the end of the configuration of the article, you have to do more than you want the set of configuration back down, to do a lot of things, want to eat a dishonest trader is not back endorsement so simple.

1. Alternative models

Go to the physical store with a computer to be a little prepared, because some products may not be goods, if the entity shop encountered no goods, scold on a merchant then turn around and go, then unless online shopping, otherwise you can hardly match your machine! Because even if you went to say hello yesterday the next day to sell the goods is also a common thing. The same type of products you should not only have the first choice, but also have options, and is 2-3 alternative (especially the two or three-line city), so you can seize the initiative, will not be profiteers led by the nose. For example, Profiteers said to you: This board gigabyte no, let us on the miserable red, Onda bar, the price of cheap and sufficient. At this time if you are ready to tell him: the Asus or Hua-Qing's xx there? So that will not be fooled to the end of the shoulder a miserable red home. What, did the boss tell you everything you ordered? So you can go, and the boss is really trying to kill you.

2. Budgetary issues

Most people make a budget before they work with a machine, after all, not Gao or tyrants. It is a pity that I configure the price to be posted to the physical store to take goods, especially high-end goods, is basically impossible to get, the two or three-line city more serious! The entity store has the rent and the staff's salary, most of the computer city, the first floor is notebook and brand machine, 234 floor diy façade monthly rent is about 2W, And on the five floor of the second-hand accessories market, the counter rent as long as 3K or so. We can analyze the location of the 123-line city:

First-tier cities: The brand's first-line agent relatively concentrated, abundant supply but the price is extremely sensitive, often a day has two prices appear. Because it is difficult to achieve monopoly, price competition is extremely fierce.

Second-tier cities: Supply is also basic enough, but the popular general sales faster. Second-tier cities agent fees, store rents, labor costs are low, so many prices and the same as the first-tier cities. But there will be several total control of the goods monopoly market situation, speculation prices to earn higher profits.

Three-tier City: first-line brand survival capacity is not enough, you will often find that make ASUS motherboard shop profit less than others miserable red, do access, Shanzhai goods instead of money comes faster, so often there will be a line of brand out of stock. Prices are extremely easy to control, often appear online has been reduced by 100, the store is still selling the original price of the situation, at least half a month to one months of delay. There is a chassis power you can hardly see good goods, are basically the Great Wall, aviation Jia, Xin Gu, big Buffalo, Goldenfield grade of goods, of course, there are a variety of shanzhai goods.

In the off-season to ordinary entities shop with machines, if the total price than online shopping mall 100 or so, personally think it belongs to a very normal profit category, if it is the peak season may be higher than 200. You need to know is that the profiteers in fact do not like to configure the machine in the post, a transfer of goods trouble, two oil less. Install a common access to the machine can also make a 200 or so, only need half an hour or so can be done. Installed in the machine is often more than 1 hours, if met the price of talks, but also make a few money. In addition, I mentioned above on the issue of temporary shortages, after all, the same type of products, a variety of brand prices are different, if you encounter no goods to change other configuration, in the budget you have to consider this point. Otherwise far-reaching, a graphics card does not change the B video card, resulting in money is not enough power to use the garbage brand, and finally make the whole machine is unstable, outweigh the gains. In budgeting, it is recommended that +10% of the original total price be used as a floating space.

3. Choose Store

Familiar with this industry friends know, DIY store façade on the goods, in addition to some large shops, often changed hands n times before selling to customers. Manufacturers-regional agents-provincial-City agents-distributors-shops-customers, think about how much will the price be raised in this again and again? Big shops often have their own warehouses, but given the cost of the façade, the price is less expensive. However, large stores and medium-sized Agent store agent products are more, and quality assurance, there is a return point of profit when the actual installed prices are often lower. Individuals tend to be more in the Medium-sized Agent brand more store installed, because the large stores often do not pick you, especially when you match the low-end and very knowledgeable. The building of the computer city, 1, 2, 3, 4 the bottom is often the store, 5 floor is to do wholesale, this structure is basically suitable for any area of the computer city. Of course, this kind of local cohabitation, fakes, parallel imports, refurbished goods is also the most infested places. The brand will be more unitary, because if he is the agent of Hua Qing, he will recommend you to use the Chinese engine's motherboard, Hua engine's graphics card, Hua Qing's ...

4, Installed time

We all know the cheapest way to buy the reverse season, since you have to choose in the off-season installed, then come to see what the off-season a few months

March end to April: Years ago, sellers will not choose to store goods, there is a lot of students after the year of the lucky money, the choice of the school installed, so after the beginning of this period is the peak season. Then the manufacturers released new products, sales are also assured of the purchase, and the installation of people gradually reduced, the trough appeared, is the end of March to April this about one months of time. Choose this time installed friends will find that the mainstream accessories will be cheaper than 5.1 of the price, to achieve a short-term value preservation effect.

June: 51 is the first black day of the year, the profiteers are elated, usually in late April to eat full goods, raise prices so as to make a big profit during the 5.1 period. The 5.1-liter price usually takes nearly three weeks to fall back to March prices, excluding periodic price hikes by manufacturers. 51 After two weeks, sales reached a peak, and then with the installed demand, installed capacity began to go down the road. At the beginning of June, low prices, low sales, businesses have engaged in promotional activities, has continued to the summer.

Mid-August: Summer vacation will inevitably appear installed tide, profiteers will not be silly to do not price, so the July price is usually relatively high, and then gradually fall back. More than two weeks before August, the price will be relatively low, and late profiteers will raise prices to do the school and National Day tide.

Late October to December: After the national day price return this is the longest off-season, the manufacturer and the profiteers all begin to clean up the stock and some obsolete product's tail goods, therefore this time is most agreeable, has lasted until the January winter vacation two weeks.

5, installed profit

Now install a machine not about 200 profit basically no one is willing to do, if you are a master, basically can control their profit within 200. Do not expect you can compress to less than 100, profiteers is also a person, also want to eat. You crazy compressed profit profiteers can only be done from the accessories, and the general DIYer knowledge more one-sided, a link did not check good will appear tragedy. 200 of the profit of the profiteers is relatively honest, in fact, detailed analysis also to consider the allocation of prices, if you are 1w+ Fever i7/e3/e5 configuration, then profiteers black you 1000 are normal, individuals summed up a reasonable profit interval:

Configure online Mall Total Price 3000 and below: first-tier cities 0-100, second-tier cities 100-200, three-tier cities 200-300.

Configure online Mall Total Price 3000 to 5000: first-tier City 100-200, second-tier city 200-300, three-tier city 300-400.

Configure online Mall Total Price 5000 to 7500: first-tier City 200-300, second-tier city 300-400, three-tier city 400-500.

Configure online Mall Total Price 7500 to 10000: first-tier City 300-400, second-tier city 400-500, three-tier city 500-600.

Configure online Mall Total price more than 10000: first-tier cities 400-500, second-tier cities 500-600, three-tier cities 600-700.

Of course the price is dead, the man is alive. If you have the gift of gab to the shop assistant, your price will certainly be much cheaper.

Well, after we have identified the above information, our installed journey has only just begun.

Know online Mall Check the price of nature is not afraid of price is cheated, the price can be referred to the major online shopping mall quotes. To know that some hardware entities store prices than online with the price of the invoice is higher, the mainland than the coastal high. The most important thing is that when the price is higher, a lot of business veteran a look you are to be more than the price will begin to trick, began his relaxed calm in a few items on the loss of the price, and then you pay a deposit, this is not the goods of the beginning of a change. If found to change things will slowly grind you, will not stop someone to tell you how many disadvantages of this platform, what a huge fever, the system is not good, easy to crash blue screen ... There are all the tricks. So do not easily pay a deposit, before the deposit must be sure to let merchants put all the hardware in front of you, see the spot, say other things. Of course, as a customer also do not expect any shops are cheap to the explosion, or even more than the price of online shopping malls, unreasonable prices will only force the merchants to do the following kinds of things:

1, the loss of this newspaper price, and then wait for you to go out than, more than a few hours tired, naturally will come back, and then they play the time.

2, the use of refurbished goods, repair goods, deep bags, scattered pieces ... Anyway, try to use worthless things to replace.

3, even the goods transferred, will deliberately in the installed time to do tricks.

We'll start the inspection after we see the full payment.

CPU: The computer city you basically can not get boxed authentic, the most is only deep package, so the large may be assured to take a piece, the price of natural cheap many, of course, you have to add money to buy a radiator.

Motherboard: Some motherboard packaging is not sealed, this is difficult to seal as a judge basis, and please check the packaging instructions to inventory accessories.

Memory: Computer City Memory Gold fingers are basically have inserted traces, the reason is the Merchant factory will test, in fact, it is he took out used to change down. But can only tolerate there is only a very inconspicuous traces, if the gold finger too obvious directly can tell him to change, in addition to explain that I bought online mall is totally not!

Graphics card: Graphics card packaging bag must be sealed, gold fingers must also have no traces!

Hard disk, Chassis: Similarly, the hard drive if the bag opened or broken, you can directly call him, to paste the warranty period can be affixed to your face. Chassis to see if there is no scratch on the surface of the mark, screw hole has been the traces of screws.

Power: Power is the most tamper with the place, you must go to the official website to see what this power is like, or even if not a tragedy will pit you a lot of money.

Monitor: Before opening the box must talk about several bright spots is normal, package does not pack three points, package does not pack the perfect screen, the price in the end how calculate, remember, must open the box to talk about good.

When installed, especially the shop side, must be guarding the chassis, watching the store installed personnel operations. Usually only one person to help you when the installed, basically nothing; but the salesman and installed the station together around the computer frequently send some strange expressions and words, please watch the host, and personally confirm the wiring is solid! Whether each hardware corresponds to its own written configuration! Remember not to throw the computer to others, so you know the consequences.

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