Configure the environment to change the phpMyAdmin password after installing Wamp

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Install the latest wamp,32 bit, installation all the way, the server is not a problem, but if according to the tutorial said to the phpMyAdmin page to change the password, always error, the code appears to be 1130 or 1103.

Asked a lot of friends, all said that I installed before the MySQL set password, so to clear the first Test table and to completely uninstall.

So I went to the tutorial, completely uninstalled again, the registry and so on all deleted.

And then restarted the computer, this morning to press again WAMP, the installation process is very smooth, but the phpMyAdmin page changes the password is still unsuccessful.

In the Baidu know the other people's answers, go directly to the installation directory to change the code is not.

It's just a quick death, man!

So I looked for, found a blog, the original link here:

You can go over there and look at this program ape.

The general meaning is that

1. After installing the Wamp language, left click on the Wamp icon, and open the MySQL console, the popup is run black box.

2. This time your password is empty, so do not have to enter the password, the direct key to enter the.

3. Type "usemysql" and enter

4. Enter the SQL statement for the password you want to modify "update user set Password=password (' Hooray ') where user= ' root ';", note that the semicolon at the end of the SQL statement must not be less, It's OK to suggest what's okay.

It has been stressed here, the semicolon can not be less, I do not know what the consequences after the lack of, or not easy to try good.

5. Finally enter "flush privileges;", do not enter this, the operation of the password change will not be effective.

6. Then enter "quit" to exit.

7. To modify the configuration of the next phpMyAdmin.
Locate the X:\wamp\apps\phpmyadmin2.11.6\ file, open find $cfg[' Servers ' [$i] [' password '] = '; Enter the modified password in the quotation marks, and then you are done.

You can follow this to do, of course, the configuration of the following how to do I did not grope out, if there is news, I send again.

In addition, I above specific steps are pasted Mr. Hu Rui, that is, the original author of the link above to the blog, here to pay tribute to my respect for the original author, and thank him for the way to help me solve the problem, we have any questions and can pay attention to him.

Configure the environment to change the phpMyAdmin password after installing Wamp

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