Configuring Android Client Chat server with OpenFire

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OpenFire is an Instant Messaging server with an open XMPP protocol that allows you to log in with various IM client software that supports the XMPP protocol.

OpenFire is developed in Java, and the open source real-time collaboration (RTC) server is based on the XMPP (Jabber) protocol. OpenFire is easy to install and use, and is managed with the Web. A single server can support tens of thousands of concurrent users.

I'll share with you my installation configuration process.

1. Download openfire3.9.3,

Here are two ways to download, your choice, you can choose the installation version or the decompression version. Are the same effect.

Note: If you are downloading EXE files, perform your installation files and install them. Here I am the zip file. After decompression, copy the OpenFire directory to the F:\Program Files (x86) \openfire directory (you can usually install the software under the path), so OpenFire installation is complete.

2. Below we start the OpenFire server and configure it. In the F:\Program files (x86) \openfire\bin directory There is a light bulb of the Openfire.exe file, double-click on the execution, you can see when the boot completes

3. Click the Launch Admin button to enter the HTTP:// page and configure the OpenFire server.

Choose the Simplified Chinese version--Configure the server domain name (usually the native own names, my is txw-pc, other unchanged)--Database settings (choose OpenFire)--admin account can skip--complete

4. Login to OpenFire Admin console, initial user name admin, password Admin.

The server name is the connection address of jwchat, you can use Spark, JWChat link this address for IM communication chat ...

5. Test, use one of the source code tests that I downloaded below. After extracting the import eclipse, change the IP address in to the IP address of your own host.

If you do not know your IP address, use CMD (Run as Administrator)--ipconfig to view it.

When using your own mobile phone test, pay attention to the phone connected to the WiFi and computer network is the same LAN. If not, you can use your own computer to open the WiFi, and then the phone connection.

6. In OpenFire, you can add users here so that your phone and computer can chat and interact. Or use two phones to test on the same LAN.

7. Mobile login You create your own user or admin line. After landing is the chat interactive page. You can send messages to all users through your computer. You can also send messages on your phone.

In this way, you can learn the application development of chat interaction.


Configure Android Client Chat server with OpenFire

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