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The Qianyi "Dragon ice five generations" 1U chassis adopts an innovative integrated design concept of "Chassis + radiator, A passive heat sink with a large heat dissipation area called "qianniu" is directly cooled by a powerful fan in the chassis, which greatly improves the air volume and heat sink area of the CPU cooling fan, it has produced epoch heat dissipation results. In addition, a black heat radiation and efficiency coating is sprayed on the surface of the Qianyi ice overlord heat sink. This is also the result of scientific research. We can see from the test of the infrared thermometer that, the heat sink sprayed with this layer of coating is several times higher than the heat sink without spraying and the heat dissipation efficiency.

This is the installation of 775 dedicated heat sink for qianniu ice in the 1U chassis of "Dragon ice five generations". The base of the Large Turbine fan can be flexibly moved between the front and back, you can move to the best position closest to the heat sink based on the locations of CPU sockets on different boards.

This is an embedded switch that is unique to the thousands of 1U chassis. It is installed after the electroplating handle of the server is purchased and purchased. If long-distance transportation is required to take it down and place it into a broken bump.

Now let's analyze the reason why the turbine chassis has poor heat dissipation because there are many problems in design, process, and quality. The first reason is that although there are many turbines, they use low-speed inferior small-caliber turbines, and the air volume is too small, it's better than a straight hair dryer. You can see that the big guy next to the three turbines is a ball high-speed turbine fan used inside the five generations of Qiji longice 1U chassis, with a large caliber and high power, the key to high speed is high power, which is specially customized. Currently, the market can find turbine fans of the same caliber, with less than half of the turbine's power, I used a famous brand-name turbine fan with the same caliber. The current is 0.48A, which is the highest power available on the market.) I replaced the turbine with a thousand cores for stress testing. As a result, the CPU temperature immediately went up, quickly climbed to 78 degrees Celsius! Intuitively, the air volume of the turbine is very large, and the wind is very hard. It seems that a wind wall is pressed on the CPU heat sink. At this time, the CPU heat sink is only slightly warm when you touch it by hand, it can be seen that the speed and air volume of the fan are a key factor to ensure heat dissipation;

Second, the turbine chassis still has a general air duct layout, which is not scientific enough. Currently, most CPU sockets on the 775 interface motherboard are located at the rear of the motherboard, there are several memory lines, hard disk data line interfaces, and other components in front of it. These components have a great effect on the wind power from the front of the chassis, and the wind power of the three turbines is insufficient, it is far away from the main board, and several other elements are blocked to weaken. It is conceivable how weak the wind reaches the CPU, in a 1U chassis, It is unimaginable to rely solely on the CPU radiator for heat dissipation without relying on the fan of the chassis. This is also a bad factor in the heat dissipation of the chassis. Consider the situation of your own platform when purchasing a chassis)

The 1U chassis cleverly advances the power supply and places the main Large-Diameter High-Speed Turbine fan on the side of the CPU radiator. Therefore, the strong wind power directly impacts the CPU, the scattered wind power also facilitates the cooling of the Motherboard chipset, memory, Nic chip, and so on. From the perspective of wind power, the layout of all the main board components along the way follows the wind direction, reducing the wind resistance loss to a minimum, resulting in immediate cooling effect. Many people report that the dragon ice five generation 1U heat dissipation kit has a cooling effect that exceeds the use of Intel's original fan in the PC box;

Third, this turbine chassis is obviously imitating some 1U chassis in the early P3 era, without considering the heat dissipation problem of large-capacity hard disks, and now large-capacity hard disks have become popular, however, the heat of large-capacity hard disks is also huge. Hard Disks without any cooling measures are hot at the touch. When the temperature is too high, the hard disks may encounter read/write errors to reduce the service life, therefore, doing a good job of Hard Disk cooling is also the key to ensure the long-term stable operation of the server, and this turbine chassis, using the old-fashioned "drawer + lock" hard disk installation method, will wrap the hard disk in the drawer box, there is no fan before and after. Anyone who has used this kind of box knows that this hard disk installation method is a bit of a buzz. In itself, this type of chassis does not support hot swapping, and it is impossible to replace the hard disk by drawer alone, to change the hard disk, you have to open the lid of the chassis, so the drawer is only a decoration, and the drawer is not very tight, a little swaying, the high-speed running hard disk is wrapped in this drawer, there is no room for heat dissipation, and it is still a little bit swaying. You can imagine how worrying the results are. The Qianyi longice five-generation 1U chassis has abandoned this flashy approach. Since hard disks cannot be changed through drawers, then simply install the hard disk securely on the rack of the chassis and set it on the front of the hard disk. A low-speed anti-vibration fan is used to directly send cold air from outside the chassis to the hard disk. The actual operation performance is as follows: even if the disk is running at a high load of large data volumes, it has been very cool, data security and accuracy are greatly improved with only a slight trace of temperature. In addition, the wind blowing through the hard disk continues to provide auxiliary cooling for other components inside the motherboard, and quickly supplements cold air from outside, which can be two birds in one fell swoop.

This is one of the "Dragon ice five generations" series 1U server chassis specifically designed for the 775CPU + 9*5 chipset motherboard. The model is 1U4DLB625 and four hard disks can be installed at the same time.

Put the high-power high-speed turbine fan in the 1U chassis of "Dragon ice five generations" together with the low-speed turbine fan in the inferior chassis, and the advantages and disadvantages are immediately clear.

Poor-quality chassis adopts a warehouse-of-drawer hard disk fixing method, and there are no hard disk cooling measures.

The "Dragon ice five generations" 1U chassis selects high-quality turbines, which have infinite power and sharp wind.

After the Intel915G motherboard is installed in the 1U chassis of "Dragon ice five generations", the air flow of the Main Fan can directly blow the CPU heat sink and Motherboard chipset. There are no horizontal components along the way, so the heat dissipation effect is satisfactory.

The same motherboard and the same CPU use different 1U chassis, the temperature difference is so huge, impressive, this indirectly shows, the advantages and disadvantages of heat dissipation play a decisive role in the stability and security of servers. My experience is that it is best to buy 1U chassis products in one step. The server is not used for testing. It is enough to crash once to make you feel uncomfortable for a night. It is best not to go to the market counter and try your luck to purchase it, it is impossible to pass the test, because you cannot ask the stall owner to have a solid knowledge of server heat dissipation. First, you should confirm to purchase the mature products of well-known manufacturers and directly contact the designated sales organization of the manufacturer, inform the professional technical staff of the manufacturer about the purpose of the server and the configurations of the selected motherboard and CPU before purchase. Ask them to help them select the product with the best wind network layout, so as to avoid detours, you can also learn about the latest Heat Dissipation technology and product updates to maximize server stability, which saves a lot of cost for future server maintenance. Imagine if the server is unstable in the future, the two servers ran to the data center in three days. The old chassis could not be discarded, and the new chassis would be replaced. The energy, physical strength, financial resources, and loss of customer reputation would be hard to calculate, if you are hosted in a foreign data center, you need to consider this. I think that I would like to purchase a plane ticket to repair the server in another country when I saw more friends from the fire.

Therefore, I sincerely advise that there is no universal 1U chassis in the world that can provide excellent heat dissipation for any motherboard or CPU, I can use any motherboard on this chassis, so I must not buy him. It must be a JS.

How long should a 1U chassis be? Will it be too long to be placed in the cabinet?

What is the place where your server is located? If it is placed in the machine room of a general enterprise or a public institution, this problem should be carefully considered, because the cabinets in the general self-owned machine room are relatively shallow and belong to industrial control cabinets, not specialized cabinets for Internet servers, it is mainly used to place firewalls, routers, switches, and other devices. These devices are very short. Some cabinets only have a depth of more than 40 centimeters. If a 1U server is placed too long, it may lead to shutdown. We recommend that you purchase ultra-short 1U chassis, for example, 1U2D370 ultra-short 1U chassis with a length of only about 370mm. It is like a 1U Standard switch that works with different radiators, A single-processor-based server can be assembled to be competent for the majority of work in general units. However, the disadvantage is that the main board used cannot be too large and the heat dissipation performance is average, it is not suitable for assembling high-end servers with high processor clock speed. My experience is that using intel845G and intel865G fully integrated motherboard is a good solution. If you want to assemble a strong router or firewall, this chassis is undoubtedly the best choice. I would also like to remind all units in charge of network construction. In the long term, when adding network cabinets for units, it is best to consider the possibility of placing rack servers in the future. The cabinets should be bought as much as possible, in the past, some people did not understand that the cabinets in general units are Internet cabinets. In fact, such cabinets are called industrial control cabinets, and Internet cabinets are two concepts. Such industrial control cabinets can put switches/routers at most, from the perspective of heat dissipation and volume, it cannot be used as an Internet server cabinet. Therefore, if you want to store a 1U server, pay attention to the purchase of a cabinet, you must purchase a longer Cabinet with a depth of more than 85 cm to be close to the standard Cabinet of the Internet data center.

This is a small, 370mm-length 1U chassis. Don't look small. Generally, the fully integrated PC motherboard can be put down and two hard disks can be mounted.

But now most people assemble 1U servers for hosting, that is, hosting them in the telecom data center. How deep is the Cabinet in the telecom data center? Will the 1U server be too long to close the door? How long should a standard 1U server be? In fact, for a 1U rack-mounted server, there are strict rules on the height and width of the server. For example, 1U indicates that the server height is 44.45mm (about) and the width is 19 inch, however, there are no strict rules on the length of a 1U server. For example, most imported brand-name 1U/2U rack servers have a length of over 80 cm, most of the 1U server chassis made in China is less than 70 cm in length. The height and depth of the cabinets in the telecom data center are not consistent, currently, the cabinets in Internet hosting data centers at home and abroad range from 36U to 42U, and the depth is about 90 cm to 1 meter. More data centers have adopted open rack design, there is almost no limit on the server length. For example, Beijing's famous Jingan Center China Telecom data center is such an open cabinet that can accommodate various types of rack-mounted servers and tower servers at home and abroad, therefore, you do not have to worry that your servers are too long to be placed in the cabinet. Some chassis manufacturers on the market claim that their 1U chassis with a length of more than 600 millimeters is extended. In fact, compared with foreign products, it is still relatively short. However, I found that there are still some special cases in China, that is, some small data centers. In order to save the trouble and put more cabinets, I bought all small cabinets with a depth of more than 600 millimeters, this type of cabinet is not an industrial control cabinet, but does not comply with the standards of Internet server cabinets. In this case, you cannot use a 1U chassis with a length of more than 600mm. Instead, you must select a shorter chassis, for example, the length of the 1U2DLB giant Turbo 1U chassis of Qianyi longbing five generations is about 535mm. Put it in and add connections and handles. It's just right. If you really don't know how deep the Cabinets of the data center you want to host are, you can buy a 535mm-inch chassis to ensure it can be applied. If the chassis cannot be placed so short, it is time to close the IDC.

It is suitable for 1U racks with a depth of 535mm in all data centers-The 1U chassis of the Qianyi "Dragon ice five generations" 1U2DLB525 model is not equipped with two handles), even for the hosted data center with the worst-case 600mm short cabinets, it can also be easily placed.

The interior is very spacious. It can be loaded into any single-channel CPU motherboard, including the PC motherboard and server motherboard, and two hard disks. It is the favorite model of host leasing and hosting companies.

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