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Find out about the Golang market

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In the work of Golang is already a member, want to let everyone understand Golang market, also want to let more people familiar with it. So it's mainly about showing the results of data analysis.

The target site is a recruitment site for job data capture and analysis, crawling cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and then draw a conclusion


First we need to analyze the page to find our grasp direction.

Search Golang keyword, open page F12 can see it sent four requests, notice Positionajax.json this request

We examine the entry and exit parameters of this interface.

Enter the parameter

1. Query String Param

    • City: The cities requested
    • Needaddtionalresult: If additional parameters need to be added, this defaults to False

2. Form Data

    • First: whether home page
    • PN: Page number
    • KD: Keywords

Out parameter

That's it, and you can get a lot of useful information from the return results.

    • Companyfullname: Company Name
    • Companylabellist: Company label
    • Companyshortname: Company abbreviation
    • Companysize: Company Size
    • Education: Academic Requirements
    • Financestage: financing Phase

Wait ~

Page out

In the above two graphs, you can find that the content node contains PageNo, pageSize fields, Content.positionresult node has totalcount field, you can know the current page, how many pages per page, the current total number of posts

It is important to note that the calculation of the paging is to be rounded up


First, the distribution map

Different work, jobs, nature will be spread in different work areas, we first understand the city of Golang engineers are mainly in which area to work, the heart to leave a bottom







Ii. comparison of recruitment and position

By analyzing the data in the chart, we can learn the number of jobs in each city.

    • Beijing: 348
    • Shanghai: 145
    • Guangzhou: 37
    • Chengdu: 49
    • Hangzhou: 45
    • Shenzhen: 108

The total number of jobs is 732, the order of quantity is Beijing > Shanghai > Shenzhen > Chengdu > Hangzhou > Guangzhou

There is another concern, that is, the number of recruitment companies and the number of positions in comparison, you can see the number of jobs in Beijing 348, and the number of companies recruited 191, about 1.82 of the ratio, that is, a company can provide two Golang positions, it may be different categories, (intermediate, Advanced, Advanced) at different levels, with a certain probability. In Guangzhou, 31 compared to 37, although the difference is not small, but still exist this phenomenon

Can be obtained results, Golang in the market has a certain degree of expansion space, that is, there is a rise in space, a company will apply Golang in a number of different applications, that is, the direction of different, the level of talent required is different

However, it is important to note that Golang's current share of the market is still low, the total number of six cities is only 732, and other big hot language difference has a certain distance, need to be cautious

At the same time, interview Golang and other big hot language compared will be less, the position of the competition is small point?

Third, the size of the recruitment company

By looking at the company size of the recruiting Golang engineers, it is very intuitive to find that micro-companies use less golang, and other categories have a certain degree of application, and the gap is small. Most favored in the company size of 2000 or more people and 50-150 people

Why, I think there are the following possible

    • Large companies combine scenes to address some of the pain points by Golang characteristics
    • In small companies Golang this new star is easier to implement, with a certain application scenario

Do you think that there should be more reasons to choose it?

Iv. Academic Requirements

In the recruitment market, Golang recruiters would like you to be a bachelor's degree, college and unlimited also have a certain share, but the market share of a large difference

Master's degree requirements of two, can be concluded that in the market Golang recruiters on the high degree of demand is not high, or do not enforce high education

Five, the industry field

Here, focus on Golang engineers recruitment companies are in what industry field, Big Head mobile Internet is no doubt, but also can be pleasantly surprised to find

    • Data Services
    • Electronic commerce
    • Financial
    • Corporate Services
    • Game

Golang in these aspects have been applied, indicating that in the market, the path of Golang is relatively broad, the prospects are good

At the same time, if you can be involved in a number of areas of content, you must be an engineer, you are very excited

Six, the position of temptation

Position temptation is to cast a resume must look at a point, you can see the high-frequency entry is basically the IT practitioners concerned about the topic, here you understand ...

Focus, I saw a "free three meals" entry hit 7 times, from Beijing's Haidian district, Dongcheng District, Chaoyang District, Shanghai Huangpu Seven different companies, hard

Vii. Industry, Job label

In the recruitment JD, descriptions and tags are often used to give job seekers an understanding of the specific work content and relevance of the job

In the picture you can see Golang often and what content to catch the edge, this is very meaningful oh

1. Language

    • Java
    • Python
    • C + +
    • Php

As can be seen in the figure, Golang and the above four languages have a certain relevance, and Java and Python, respectively, the first and second, can be explained that the market for compound talent desire more high, perhaps you do not understand also, but you understand the best (plus sub-items). Need your own multi-lingual experience and easy docking with other people

At the same time Golang there are many internal languages to write the situation, so this point can refer to

2. Job Title

    • Senior
    • Senior
    • Intermediate

Deliberately put the title in the second place, you can find that the demand for golang tags in the market is Senior > Senior > Intermediate, the Association of the First "language Association" is not difficult to come to this conclusion, because language is only a tool to solve problems, to intermediate and more engineers are more than the language of the majority, Take a different approach to solving the problem in the application scenario

It can be concluded that the market is now more expected to Golang is medium-high, senior, senior talent, but a little bit less intermediate

We can try to hit the impact again.

3. Components

    • Linux
    • Redis
    • Mysql

4. Industry

    • Cloud computing
    • Information security
    • Big Data
    • Financial
    • Software development

Viii. Salary and working life

1, 1-3 years

A special stage (growth), there are single digits there are double digits, the head can go to 15-30k,20-40k, and the primary also has 8-16k

2, 3-5 years

Thick accumulation of the stage, the scope of compensation is larger, 10-60k pay, which fully explain the ability to determine your up and down

3, 5-10 years

At the core, recruitment site on the number of recruitment on the contrary, will go inside push or headhunting, do not need special introduction


This part, I believe, is a place of concern for many people.

As you can see in some articles, the salary portion is shown on average. I was wondering, because the average is not very concerned, the focus is not to reflect the salary range . So here I'm going to show you the data as much as I can.

(text) Judging from the chart, Golang current salary level is still very good, the market can be based on the different stages (level) of people to give a good price

After reading it, I hope you will know the following:

    • The highest and lowest salary category of your current working life
    • Your next stage of the pay category
    • Why some people are tall, some people are low
    • In the head of the army or small, why
    • Don't be satisfied with the average

IX. Financing Phase

Most of the companies that choose Golang are more stable, and some are more stimulating:)

Comparison of financing stage and salary category

No financing required

Listed Companies

Round A

B Wheel

C Wheel

D Wheel above

Ten, the nearby subway

Where are the Golang engineers stationed near the subway station?

Often on the subway to see peers looking at the code, to find out where they are distributed:)








As the official saying goes, "Go have been on a amazing journey over the last 8+ years", as a new language, has been constantly evolving, the downside is definitely there, you have to identify it

Judging from the quantity

From this recruitment site, in terms of quantity, and the number of large hot language recruitment positions still have a certain gap, but golang there are many internal to language development situation, the current display of data, recruitment quantity is not many, but good quality

Judging from the distribution map

First-tier cities have Golang positions, although other cities are less, but for the new language is a process that needs constant attention, not fits

Judging from the job title level

Golang High, senior, senior still accounted for the big head, pay is basically in line with the market

From the direction of view

Golang is involved in a wide range of industries, such as mobile Internet, data Services, e-commerce, finance, Enterprise Services, cloud computing and so on is one of its battlefield

In terms of open source projects

Docker, K8s, Etcd, Consul are pretty steady.

In general, Golang is in a stage of development, the market is also a line, the application of a wide range, but the number of recruitment is not much, how do you think?

Finally put on today's new Logo:)


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