Create a CVS server under FreeBSD

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Create the CVS server-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application under FreeBSD. The following is a detailed description. CVS is a well-known version control tool. It is a very useful version control tool for individual programmers and a development team, and it is free of charge. CVS has powerful functions. In general, it is a C/S-Structured Software. Users must first set up a CVS server, import a project instance to the CVS server and set the resource access management for the CVS project. Clients can access the CVS server from the Internet, LAN, or even the local machine to obtain the latest project code copy and submit their own modified code. The following describes how to set up a CVS server in FreeBSD.

1. Create CVS users and groups
# Adduser
Enter username [a-z0-9 _-]: cvs
Enter full name []: CVS User
Enter shell bash csh date no sh tcsh [sh]:
Enter home directory (full path) [/home/cvs]:
Uid [1003]:
Enter login class: default []:
Login group cvs [cvs]:
Login group is ''cvs ''. Invite cvs into other groups: guest no
Enter password []:
Enter password again []:
Name: cvs
Password :****
Fullname: CVS User
Uid: 1003
Gid: 1003 (cvs)
Groups: cvs
OK? (Y/n) [y]:
Added user ''cvs''
Add another user? (Y/n) [y]: n

The above is a cvs user who belongs to the group cvs. The actual situation may be different from the one shown above, but the goal can be achieved.

2. Create a CVS Repository
Select the directory/exports/cvsroot as the CVS repository. Create the cvsroot directory under/usr and link it to the root directory.
# Mkdir/exports/cvsroot
# Cd/
# Ln-s/usr/exports

Create a CVS directory, make the cvs user and the cvs group have the directory, and have the Read and Write rights.
# Mkdir/exports/cvsroot
# Chown cvs: cvs/exports/cvsroot
# Chmod 775/exports/cvsroot

3. initialize the CVS Repository
# Su cvs
$ Cvs-d/exports/cvsroot init

4. Run the service
In/etc/services, check the Pserver service port.
Cvspserver 2401/tcp # CVS network server

Enable the Pserver service in/etc/inted. conf.
Cvspserver stream tcp nowait root/usr/bin/cvs -- allow-root =/exports/cvsroot pserver

Restart the machine (or restart the inetd service), and the CVS server is ready.
# Reboot

After the server is created, it can be tested and used remotely with WinCVS.
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