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  Overview: Build powerful concurrent and distributed applications more easily.  Summary: is a toolkit and runtime for building highly concurrent, distributed, and fault-tolerant event-driven applications on. NET and mono. Open Source Address:  2.Topshelf: Overview: Use.  NET to build a simple service hosting framework for Windows services. Summary: Topshelf is a framework for hosting services written using the. NET Framework. The creation of services is streamlined, allowing developers to create a simple console application that can be installed using topshelf as a service. The reason is simple: Debugging a console application is much easier than a service.  Once the application has been tested and ready for production, topshelf can easily install the application as a service. Open Source Address: Https://  3.IdentityServer3: Overview: OpenID Connect provider and for ASP. 4.x/  Katana's OAuth 2.0 authorization server framework. Summary: Identityserver is a. Net/katana-based framework and a managed component that allows single sign-on and access control of modern Web applications and APIs using protocols such as OpenID Connect and OAuth2.  It supports a wide range of clients, such as mobile, WEB,SPA and desktop applications, and is extensible and can be integrated into new and existing architectures. Open Source Address: Https://  4.MediatR: Overview: In.  NET in a simple mediation implementation. Summary: In-process messaging, no dependencies.  Support for request/response, command, query, notification, and event, synchronous and asynchronous for intelligent Dispatch via C # common variance. Open Source Address: Https://  5.MassTransit: Overview:.  NET's distributed Application framework.  Summary: Masstransit can easily create applications and services that take advantage of loosely-coupled, message-based asynchronous communications for higher availability, reliability, and scalability. Open Source Address: HTTPS://GITHUB.COM/MASSTRANSIT/MASSTRANSIT  6.MICRODOT: Overview: an open source.  NET micro-service framework. Summary: The MICRODOT framework helps you create scalable and reliable microservices ("microservices racks"), allowing you to focus on writing code that defines your service logic without addressing the myriad challenges of developing a distributed system.  Microdot can also be well combined with the  orleans virtual cast framework, allowing you to easily write  orleans-based microservices.  Open Source Address: Https://  7.Docker.DotNet: Overview:. NET (C #) client libraries for the Docker API. Introduction: With. NET application to interact with the Docker Remote API endpoint.  It is completely asynchronous and is designed to interact programmatically with the Docker daemon in a non-blocking and object-oriented manner. Open Source Address: Https://  8.Z.ExtensionMethods: Overview: C # extension Method |.  NET open source and Free Library Introduction: Enhance the. NET Framework with more than 1000 extension methods.  Open Source Address: Https://  9.SuperWebSocket:  Overview: Superwebsocket is a. NET implementation of the WebSocket server. Summary: WebSocket is a technology that provides bidirectional, full-duplex communication channels through a single Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) socket. It is designed to be implemented in Web browsers and Web servers, but it can be used by any client or server application. The Superwebsocket is incorporated into the SuperSocket as an add-on module supersocket.websocket.  You can use Supersocket.websocket in the same way superwebsocket but with different namespaces. Open Source Address: Https://  10.Seal-Report: Overview: Open database reporting Tools (. Net) Introduction: Seal-report provides a complete framework for generating daily reports and dashboards from any database. Seal-report is the Microsoft. NET FrameworkOpen source tools written entirely in C #.  Open Source Address:  11.accord-net-extensions:  Overview: Advanced image processing and computer vision algorithms are built for portability as a smooth extension. Summary: extensions is an extended framework for and The frameset sets the.  NET local array as the primary imaging object and provides most of the computer vision algorithms built as extensions. Open Source Address: Https://  12.MediaToolkit: Overview: For converting and processing all video and audio files.  NET Library. Summary: Mediatoolkit provides a simple interface for processing media data, with tasks such as easy conversion, slicing, and editing audio and video. Under the hood, the Mediatoolkit is a. NET wrapper for FFmpeg; A free (LGPLv2.1) multimedia framework with multiple audio and video codecs that supports multiplexing, de-multiplexing, and transcoding tasks in multiple media formats. (Capture thumbnails from video, retrieve metadata, basic conversions, convert Flash video to DVD, transcode options flv to MP4, reduce video to a smaller length) Open Source address: Overview:.  NET HTML diff algorithm. Summary: A library for comparing two HTML files/fragments and highlighting differences using simple HTML.  This HTML diff implementation is found here in the Ruby implementation of the C # port. Open Source Address: Https://  14.CalbucciLib.ExtensionsGalore: Overview:.  NET of 100 extensions for the built-in types and classes. Summary: Extensionsgalore is a library that can be extended. NET many common types and categories for quick and easy access to common scenarios for web and mobile development.  In other words, it can help you write fewer lines of code and focus more on your application. Open Source Address: HTTPS://GITHUB.COM/CALBUCCI/CALBUCCILIB.EXTENSIONSGALORE &NBsp;15.dapper: Overview: Dapper-A Simple Object mapper. Net Introduction: A key feature of Dapper is performance. Open Source Address:  16.FluentValidation:

Overview:. NET, which uses a smooth interface and lambda expressions to build validation rules.
Brief introduction:. NET, which uses a smooth interface and lambda expressions to build validation rules. Written by Jeremy Skinner ( and licensed under Apache 2.
Open Source Address: Framework:
Overview: Machine learning, computer vision, statistics and. NET of general scientific calculations.
Summary: The project provides machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and image processing for. Net. It can be used on Microsoft Windows,xamarin,unity3d,windows store applications, Linux or mobile devices. After merging with the project, the framework now provides a unified API for learning/training machine learning models, which is easy to use and extensible.
Open Source Address:
Overview: Apache Mirroring
Summary: Apache Lucene.Net is a. NET full-text search engine framework that is the C # Port of the popular Apache Lucene project. Apache Lucene.Net is not a complete application, but a code base and API that can be easily used to add search functionality to your application.
Open Source Address:
Overview: Implement the Commonmark specification in C # to convert the markdown document to HTML. Optimized for maximum performance and portability.
Summary: Implement the Commonmark specification in C # (tested with version 0.27) to convert the markdown document to HTML.
Open Source Address: Https://
Overview: The ASP. NET WEB API rate limiter for IIS and Owin hosting.
Summary: The ASP. NET Web API tuning handler, Owin middleware and filters are designed to control the client's request rate for the Web API based on IP address, client API key, and request route origin. (IP-based global throttling, IP-based endpoint throttling, endpoint throttling based on IP and client key, IP and/or client key whitelist, IP and/or client key custom rate limit, endpoint custom rate limit, stack reject request, Define rate limits in Web. config or app. Config, retrieve API client keys, store throttle metrics, run-time update rate limits, record limit requests, attribute-based rate limits with Throttlingfilter and Enablethrottlingattribute, speed Restrictions and Throttlingmiddleware, custom IP address resolution)
Open Source Address:

crowdsourcing efficient and practical. NET open source projects

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