CSS Four style tables

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1. Single-pixel border CSS table

This is a very common table style.


2. CSS style table with background map

It's about the same as above, but there's more background in each lattice.



1. Download the above two images, named Cell-blue.jpg and Cell-grey.jpg

2. Copy the following code to where you want it, remember to modify the image URL

3. Auto-wrap the color of the CSS style table (need to use JS)

This CSS style table automatically switches the color of each row, which is useful when we need to update a large table frequently.


4. Hover over the highlighted CSS style table (JS required)

Pure CSS display table highlighting in IE has a problem, so the use of JS to do this side of the highlight (because the CSDN blog limited the use of JS, I will be in the recent blog migration to their own web host).

One thing to be careful about is that you don't define the background color of the lattice.

CSS Four style tables

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