css--several properties related to line break White-space Word-wrap Word-break

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Today encountered a problem, the table inside the contents of all replaced this line, in the TD add attribute Word-break:break-all can.

Compare several line-wrapping related properties and make a summary:

White-space:normal natural display, that is, text is automatically wrapped after touching the container wall.

White-space:nowrap force text on the same line unless you encounter </br>


It naturally shows that the next long word will move to the next line, and if the word grows over the width of the container it will reach out. The effect of Word-wrap:break-word is that the long word will still move to the next line, but will not let it go beyond the container's width, but let it break after a row.


Its magical role is that the long word will not move to the next line of display, and the same as the short word is displayed, on the basis of the container wall and then fold the line.

Thank http://www.cnblogs.com/2050/archive/2012/08/10/2632256.html for the detailed explanation!

css--several properties related to line break White-space Word-wrap Word-break

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