Css_ elements and block-level elements in rows

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1 Block level elements: Div, p, form, UL, Li, ol, DL, form, address, fieldset, HR, menu, table

Inline elements: span, strong, EM, BR, IMG, input, label, select, textarea, cite,
Inline elements (inline element)
A-anchor point
B-Bold (not recommended)
BR -line break
Font-typeface settings (not recommended)
Input-Enter box
Label-Table Label
Select-Project Selection
Small-Small font text
Span-a common inline container that defines chunks within a text
Strike-Medium Dash
Strong-Bold Emphasis
TEXTAREA-Multi-line text input box
TT-Telex text
inline element (inline element ) inline element
* A-Anchor point
* ABBR-abbreviation
* Acronym-First word
* B-Bold (not recommended)
* Bdo-bidi Override
* Big-Large font
* BR-line break
* Cite-citation
* Code-computer code (required when referencing the source)
* DFN-Define Fields
* EM-emphasis
* Font-typeface settings (not recommended)
* I-Italic
* img-Images
* Input-Enter box
* KBD-Define keyboard text
* Label-table label
* Q-Short reference
* S-Medium dash (not recommended)
* Samp-Define sample computer code
* Select-Project selection
* Small-Small font text
* span-a common inline container that defines chunks within a text
* Strike-Medium dash
* Strong-Bold Emphasis
* Sub-subscript
* SUP-Superscript
* TEXTAREA-multi-line text input box
* TT-Telex text
* U-Underline
* var-Define Variables

block Element
* Address-addresses
* BLOCKQUOTE-Block reference
* Center-align Block
* DIR-List of directories
* Div-Common block-level easy, is also the main tag of CSS layout
* DL-Definition List
* Fieldset-form control Group
* Form-Interactive form
* H1-Big title
* H2-Subtitle
* H3-3 level Title
* H4-4 level Title
* H5-5 level Title
* H6-6 level Title
* HR-Horizontal divider Line
* Isindex-input Prompt
* menu-List of menus
* Noframes-frames Optional content, (for browsers that do not support frame, display this chunk content
* NoScript-) Optional script content (this content is displayed for browsers that do not support script)
* Ol-Sort Form
* P-Paragraph
* Pre-formatted text
* Table-form
* ul-Non-sorted list

Variable element
A mutable element is a block element or an inline element that determines whether the element is in context.

* Applet-java Applet
* Button-Buttons
* Del-delete text
* Iframe-inline Frame
* INS-Inserted text
* Map-image block (map)
* Object-object Object
* Script-client-side scripting
2 difference: 1) block-level elements will be exclusive row, its width automatically fills its parent element width of the row elements will not be exclusive row, the adjacent rows of elements will be arranged in the same row, know that a row is not allowed to wrap, and its width varies with the content of the element 2) block-level elements can be set Widt  H, Height property, inline element set width, height invalid "NOTE: block-level elements, even if the width is set, are still exclusive lines of" 3 "block-level elements can be set margin and padding. The padding-left,padding-right,margin-left,margin-right of the horizontal direction of the element in the row produces a margin effect, but the vertical direction of the Padding-top,padding-bottom, Margin-top,margin-bottom does not produce a margin effect. (The horizontal direction is valid, the vertical direction is invalid)

Css_ elements and block-level elements in rows

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