Customizing the integration fields for Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Project Professional

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Users can use Project Professional to connect to TFS, download data to local modifications, and publish to a TFS server, just as you would with Office Excel, if you're accustomed to using project to plan your project, Then the integration of project and TFS will bring you great convenience.

But in the process of integrating TFS with project, you can't choose the fields of work items as freely as Excel, you must first map the fields of TFS to the fields of project to achieve data synchronization.

Fortunately, during the process of creating a TFS team project, TFS has created a default mapping file that configures the default mapping fields. Depending on the process template, TFS has different fields for team project mappings, such as those created by the CMMI template, and the mapped fields are several more than the Scrum team project. Here I take the Scrum template project as an example of how to add a new mapping field based on the default mapping field. The environment I am experimenting with is TFS Update 4, Project 2013.

Step one: Create a Scrum team project in TFS

Step Two: Add two field "Start Date", "Finish date" for task work item

Figure 1

Step three: Download the default mapping profile using the dedicated command tfsfieldmapping for TFS Integration project

Figure 2

In general, you can use this directory in the TFS application-tier server

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\team Foundation server\12.0

Locate the tfsfieldmapping command, as in the following table:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\team Foundation Server\12.0>tfsfi
Eldmapping Download/collection:http://tfs2013cn:8080/tfs/defaultcollection/tea
Mproject: "Scrum 2014.4"/mappingfile:c:\temp\p.xml

Step four: Add a new field to the mapping file

Add the steps such as. However, there are two points to note in the process of adding fields:

1. Position the field correctly, do not place the field at the very end of the file, or you will encounter an error when updating the configuration file

2. I add a field that is the start time and finish time, set the field property publishonly to False, which is the default setting for projects such as CMMI. Publishonly=false means that project does not refresh (get) data from the work item, but only the data in project is built to overwrite the data of the TFS work item, helping to keep the time plan in project. In the field mappings for TFS, only the default setting for these two fields is false, and the other defaults are true.

3. When project publishes data, if the user does not add a start date and finish date, TFS publishes the current time to TFS, which requires special attention! This is in bulk operation!

More official information can be obtained through this link

Figure 3

Step five: Update the mapping file

The mode of operation and the above download the map file is basically consistent, refers to the command line to replace the download upload

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\team Foundation Server\12.0>tfsfi
Eldmapping Upload/collection:http://tfs2013cn:8080/tfs/defaultcollection/tea
Mproject: "Scrum 2014.4"/mappingfile:c:\temp\p.xml

Figure 4

Step Six: Verify data Integration and synchronization

Open Project Professional, select Team

Figure 5

Figure 6

You will see that the field you just added has been mapped successfully, so you can now update the field in Project! Hongjun (ALM MVP)

Customizing the integration fields for Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Project Professional

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