Datafactory+mysql Data Construction

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Foreword: DataFactory is a rapid production of test data visualization tool, is a powerful data generator, the tool supports DB2, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server database, support ODBC connection mode, and use the MySQL database through ODBC connection.

The following is the landlord in the process of setting up an installation step, this note to do a simple record.

The environment used by the landlord is as follows:

Host Environment: Windows7 X64 + DataFactoryV5.6

Virtual Machine Environment: Centos64+mysql

First, the preparatory work:

1, download DataFactory and install, this tool can go to csnd to download.

2, download Mysql-odbc driver and install, download path:

Note: When choosing an ODBC driver, it involves choosing to install 32-bit or 64-bit, which needs to be considered according to DataFactory, because DataFactory has only 32-bit version, so we can only download ODBC driver when downloading 32-bit ODBC driver. Otherwise the error will be in the subsequent installation process.

At the same time, during the installation of 32-bit ODBC driver, there may be abnormal error, the following information:

To download the VC2013 installation, download the following link:, as we are installing the 32-bit ODBC driver, Therefore the driver version of VC2013 is also selected for 32-bit.

3, download and install MySQL, or use your existing MySQL environment is OK, you need to set up a remote connection for MySQL user name and password, and need to open a remote connection for MySQL.

remark: if the root user does not have a password, you can use the following method to set the password: after entering MySQL (command line mode), execute the following command:
Mysql>use MySQL; Mysql>update user SET Password=password (' abc ') where user= ' root '

Enable remote connection authorization for MySQL at the same time
Mysql>grant all privileges on * * to ' root ' @ '% ' identified by ' your password ';
mysql>flush privileges;  

Ii. datafactory connection to MySQL database via ODBC

1. Start DataFactory, connect MySQL database via ODBC,:

2. Select the DBC administrator configuration for the ODBC User DSN, as shown in:

3. Enter the ODBC Data Source Manager and add the user data source by tapping

Note: You can also configure the data source with a few actions, control Panel--System and security----Data source (ODBC)

Special reminder: because the system is windows7_x64, so the ODBC data source that is started at this time is 64 bits, at this time with our ODBC drive and DataFactory32 bit are inconsistent, how to do this? Look at the following information:

 C:\windows\system32\odbcad32.exe, call 64-bit driver to establish data source C:\windows\sysWOW64\odbcad32.exe, call 32-bit driver to establish data source

By calling the 32-bit driver to establish the data source, you can proceed to the next steps ~~~~~

4. Select data driver to create the MySQL connection:

5. Configure MySQL connection information:

  6, after configuring the data source to return to step 2 of the page, you need to select a data source, because the new data source can not be selected at this time, so cancel this installation process, reopen a new connection process;


  7, after the successful connection, select the table you need to operate from the library;


8, select the table, click "Next", for this project to take a good-looking name can;


  9, the next step directly click Finish, you can see the table we need to add data, done;


The above is the DataFactory through the ODBC connection MySQL process, as for the creation of large quantities of data, I believe you can find the rules in a few clicks, if there is a wrong place please correct me, thank you ~ ~ ~ ~

Datafactory+mysql Data Construction

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