Debian formatted USB flash drive solves automatic read-only Disk

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Debian format the USB flash disk to solve the automatic read-only disk-Debian information of the Linux release. The following is a detailed description. Today, my laptop is out of power, and it suddenly shuts down automatically. At this time, I am programming and the source file is on the USB flash drive. After the power is connected, restart the computer and use Code: Blocks to open the project. It is found that the project is read-only. At first I thought it was a Code: Blocks problem, but later I found that the reason for the USB flash drive file system was a problem: it became a read-only disk.

Re-mount: the disk can be written at the beginning, but will soon become a read-only disk.

In WinXP, if you want to copy the files in the USB flash drive, half of them are copied, and a file system error is prompted. Important information was not copied, and the USB flash disk was missing.

We had to go to Debian and copy the file to the hard disk.

Unmount the volume and format it again: sudo mkfs. vfat/dev/sda1

The system prompts that the command cannot be found. You have to install sudo apt-get install dosfstools.

Format the file again. Copy the corresponding file back to the USB flash drive to automatically convert it into a read-only disk.
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