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For more information about debian source-Debian, see the following. The following sources of stable, testing, unstable, and experimental are a horizontal division of the Debian software package. In fact, it can also be seen that the stability of different release versions.

Usually we will also refer to them as development codes. The current stable development code is sagre, the testing development code is etch, and the unstable development code is sid.

Previously, testing corresponds to sarge. Later, sarge developed almost. The Debian community officially released sarge, So sarge became the stable version. The current testing is etch, And the etch will become a new stable version in the future.

The stable source is the most stable source, just as it is literally. However, the relative software is usually not the latest version. Generally, there is no security problem and it will not be updated, few installed software is also relatively fixed.
If a server is built, stable sources are generally used.

Deb stable main contrib non-free
Deb-src stable main contrib non-free

Deb stable/non-US main contrib non-free
Deb-src stable/non-US main contrib non-free

Although the testing source is named a test version, it is almost the same as the stable version. Most of the software in this version flows in after maintenance and continuous testing by developers in unstable, so to some extent, we have already done a preliminary test. Most of the software in the header here is also quite stable, and the software will be newer than stable, in addition, the total amount of software is much higher than that of stable.
Most people generally use the testing source.

Deb testing main contrib non-free
Deb-src testing main contrib non-free

Deb testing/non-US main contrib non-free
Deb-src testing/non-US main contrib non-free

Unstable source. In my opinion, this is a test version. The biggest feature here is that the software is updated fast and almost all of them are synchronized with the software, because the relatively new users who use unstable must also take on higher risks, sometimes you may encounter a situation where some software cannot work after updating all the software early in the morning, fortunately, this situation will only last for about one or two days, because the unstable feature is that the update speed is fast, and once someone returns the problem, the maintenance personnel will soon make corrections.
If you like to play with software and don't care if the system sometimes has some minor faults, use it!

Deb unstable main contrib non-free
Deb-src unstable main contrib non-free

Deb unstable/non-US main contrib non-free
Deb-src unstable/non-US main contrib non-free

According to the official statement, most of the software in experimental is unstable and full of bugs, which may lead to data loss ....
If you want to use the latest software, be full of mouse dedication, or be determined to become a Bug Reporter...

Deb experimental main contrib non-free

The backports source provides a new software package for Debian to run in the Stable version without the need for a non-Stable link library. This effectively makes up for the older disadvantages of the Debian Stable version. It is a new balance between stability and functionality.
In addition, this is the source that Lonecat is currently using. If you want to use it, select it.

Deb sarge-backports main non-free contrib
Deb stable main non-free contrib
Deb stable main

I forgot that there is another debian-uo, which is short for Unofficial, which is also an Unofficial software library.

Deb sid marillat rareware misc ustc java firefly jrfonseca xorg
Deb-src sid marillat rareware misc ustc java firefly jrfonseca xorg

The main contrib non-free and so on appear in it. It can be understood as a vertical division.
Debian is a non-profit organization, but its organizational structure is rigorous. It has a complete set of software management methods. Based on its adherence to the software free degree, there are some restrictions on the entry of different copyright software packages.
The following is a brief introduction to them:

Packages are the most basic and main software compliant with the Free Software specification in main Debian ).
Contrib although the first software can operate in Debian, even if it is a free software, it is mostly dependent on non-free software.
Non-free is not software in the free Software category.
Software in the non-us category comes from non-U.S. regions, which may involve issues such as patents, encryption, and so on.
Marillat corresponds to the software warehouse of Christian Marillat, including mplayer and transcode.
Rareware corresponds to the software repository of, including many sound programs, such as lame, musepack, AND beep media player.
Ustc corresponds to some software packages maintained by debian @ ustc, such as mule-gbk, gaim-openq, scim, stardict dicts, patched xpdf, irssi, and xmms.
Java corresponds to Blackdown java. Including j2re, j2sdk, and mozilla java plugin.
Firefly corresponds to the package that has been installed with the firefly patch, including fontconfig mozilla-firefox pango1.0 qt-x11-free xft
Misc corresponds to other unclassified packages, including nvidia-kernel, winex3, rox, chmsee, etc.
Some software packages compiled by debian-bit Lonecat are here.

Finally, we do not recommend mixing sources of stable, testing, and unstable. Because many software systems are dependent on each other to varying degrees, forced results may lead to more software dependency and confrontation problems, ultimately, system stability and the normal operation of the entire software upgrade system may be affected.

It is very easy to upgrade the source from stable to testing, unstable or from testing to unstable. Just modify the source in sources. list. But in turn, downgrading is an almost impossible task...

In addition, deb-src represents the source code.
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