Debug a Perl Program

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On the console, enter perldoc perldebug to learn how to debug the Perl program.

The important commands are as follows:

P expr same as "Print {$ DB: Out} expr" in the current package. In
Particle, because this is just Perl's own "print"
Function, this means that nested data structures and objects
Are not dumped, unlike with the "X" command.

X [maxdepth] expr
Evaluates its expression in list context and dumps out
Result in a pretty-printed fashion.

T produce a stack backtrace. See below for details on its

S [expr] single step. executes until the beginning of another
Statement, descending into subroutine CILS. If
Expression is supplied that extends des function CILS, it too
Will be single-stepped.

N [expr] Next. executes over subroutine CILS, until the beginning
The next statement. If an expression is supplied that
Except des function CILS, those functions will be executed
With stops before each statement.

R continue until the return from the current subroutine. Dump
The return value if the "printret" option is set (default ).

<CR> repeat last "N" or "S" command.

L [ABW] list (default all) Actions, breakpoints and watch

L list next window of lines.

L line list a single line.

L subname list first window of lines from subroutine. * subname * may be
A variable that contains a code reference.

B sets breakpoint on current line

B [Line] [condition]
Set a breakpoint before the given line. If a condition is
Specified, it's evaluated each time the statement is
Reached: a breakpoint is taken only if the condition is
True. breakpoints may only be set on lines that begin
Executable statement. conditions don't use "if ":

B 237 $ x> 30
B 237 + $ count237 <11
B 33/pattern/I

B subname [condition]
Set a breakpoint before the first line of the named
Subroutine. * subname * may be a variable containing a code
Reference (in this case * condition * is not supported ).

C [Line | sub]
Continue, optionally inserting a one-time-only breakpoint
The specified line or subroutine.

Q or ^ d quit. ("quit" doesn't work for this, unless you 've made
Alias) This is the only supported way to exit the debugger,
Though typing "exit" Twice might work.

Set the "inhibit_exit" option to 0 if you want to be able
Step off the end the script. You may also need to set
$ Finished to 0 if you want to step through global

R restart the debugger by "Exec ()" ing a new session. We try
Maintain your history guest SS this, but internal settings and
Command-line options may be lost.

The following setting are currently preserved: history,
Breakpoints, actions, debugger options, and the perl
Command-line options-W,-I, and-e.

W expr Add a Global Watch-expression. Whenever a watched global
Changes the debugger will stop and display the old and new

W expr Delete watch-expression

W * Delete all watch-expressions.

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