Debug Android mobile Web with Firefox

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Divided into 2 parts:

Cell phone:

1. Install the latest version of Firefox

2. Open the browser and enter About:config

3. Set the devtools.debugger.remote-enabled value to True

Devtools.debugger.force-local value is False

(There is more than one set on a PC)

4. Restart Firefox


1.PC install more than 15 versions of Firefox

2. Open the browser, enter About:config (there may be a warning, continue on the line)

3. Set the devtools.debugger.remote-enabled value to True (double-click on the line)

4. After restarting Firefox, open the tool->web developer--Remote debugging (or call to connect)

Host name fill in the IP address of the mobile device, port default is OK. Click Connect

Here, the phone will pop up a hint

It's OK to make a manual determination.

At this point, the PC's Firefox debugger will be able to debug the mobile Web information.

Note: Before connecting, the phone must first open the page to be debugged, otherwise it will not be visible on the PC.

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Debug Android mobile Web with Firefox

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