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String splitting and joining functions:

Array explode (string delimiter, string data) uses the string dellimiter to split data into an array to return
Similar functions: Split () Code:
String implode (array data, String dellimiter) is the opposite of explode (), which joins the array with Dellimiter as a long string
function aliases: Join () Code:
Array split (string pattern, string text[, integer limit]) uses a match pattern pattern character as a delimiter to divide the text of the string into arrays
Limit optional parameters, limiting the number of segments of a split string codec function: code:
String Addslashes (string text) is returned with a "" before the special character in the string text, and special characters include (), ("), ().
Similar functions: Quotemeta () Code:
String Stripslashes (string text) and the addslashes () function are the opposite, removing the backslash code:
String Quotemeta (string text) is similar to Addslashes (), except that its special characters include:. + * ? [] ^ () $ Code:
String escapeshellcmd (String command) adds a backslash to all characters that might cause trouble in a shell command.
Used before functions such as exec (), System (). Code:
String mysql_escape_string (string text) escapes a SQL string to be used safely for mysql_query () HTML-related function code:
String Htmlentities (string text) transforms all HTML entity code:
String Htmlspecialchars (String string [, int quote_style [, String CharSet]]) converts a specific character to an HTML entity
Quote_style: (ent_compat| Ent_quotes)
Quote_style Default value: Ent_compat Conversion & < >
When Quote_style is: ent_quotes, convert the and code in addition to the above characters:
String Trim (string text) removes the null character code at the beginning and end of the string text:
String LTrim (string text) removes the null character code at the beginning of the string text:
String RTrim (string text) removes the null character code at the end of the string text:
The alias of string Chop (string text) function RTrim () true techarticle string splitting and joining functions: Code: Array Explode (string delimiter, String data) uses string Dellimiter to split data into an array to return similar functions: Split () code ...

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