Design tips for App launch page (i)

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Although, each app's start page interface design needs to be designed according to the usage scene. But the meaning of the existence of each app launch page is related to app product positioning and app operation strategy.

Part I: For designing a good app launch page, these three features must be met

Careful observation, it is easy to generalize the Welcome page has the following three characteristics:

1, simple: In the Start page, the copy is very short refining, and the start page is generally composed of a picture and a copy of the word;

2. Direct: The text expression in the Start page is simple and direct, there is not too much cosmetic words;

3, the main figure, text supplement: The start page, the picture about two-thirds of the area, the text about One-third of the area

Part II: Easy-to-Learn app launch page design tips

1, set the Skip button at the top right of the start page, do not force the user to read

At the top right of the launch page, there is a skip button that allows the user to skip playback of the start page. Why do you allow users to skip the start page? In fact, the two types of scenes combined with the launch page are well understood, and the Skip button is designed for two types of users:

First Class:

Users who already understand the main features of the app. When the user downloads the app for the first time, there is a category of users who have already taken the main features of the app to heart before downloading, and he can no longer rely on the start page, and the ' Skip ' button is the exit for this type of user

Second Category:

Users who do not need to apply new features, activities, or content to the app. When the user updates the app and launches the app for the first time, one of the users is ' passive '-he doesn't need to use the app's new features, activities or content, and he opens the app just to use its original functionality.

2. Design the start-up page as actionable

When reading the launch page, allowing users to do other things, this design not only greatly improve the user's efficiency, but also can improve the user's stay time on the start page, so when the content of the launch page does not need 100% to communicate to the user, you can consider this way to design the startup page. At the same time pay attention to the difficulty of the implementation of technology.

Design tips for App launch page (i)

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