Detailed description of the vue project package and publish it online through Baidu BAE, vuebae

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Detailed description of the vue project package and publish it online through Baidu BAE, vuebae

After two days of research, the project after VUE package was finally published to the Internet through BAE. Although there are still some problems with the interface, I am still very happy.

First, let's talk about the technologies required for this project: vue + express + git + Baidu's application engine BAE.

The Edit operation finally uploads the simulated data in the JSON file.

Specific steps:

1. First, let's talk about how to package the vue project. (I will not talk about the specific packaging process. directly run npm build, and a new dist file will be created in the VUE project file, this is the packaged project)


2. Deploy a project in Baidu's application engine BAE, which costs only 2 cents a day. It is very cost-effective to play on your own.

The detailed steps are described at I use the gitbench management tool. Select nodejs0.10.21-web. Because we use the express framework. After creating your own database, follow these steps. Familiarize yourself with his configuration documents.

3. Install espress in the self-created library. The specific steps are as follows. (The npm install-g express-generator command must be available, or the express command may not be found)

The next step is the major drama. Although it is very simple, I have studied it for a long time.

(1) first put the three files in the file managed by git, except the app. delete all conf files and copy the files in the created express project to the git-managed database. The file name of the git-managed database is basically test1 \ appid245yn4jb32. Test1 is the folder I created, and appid245yn4jb32 is remotely cloned by git. Copy all the files in the project created by express to the appid245yn4jb32 folder. Add the www file in the bin folder with the js suffix. Because this BAE only recognizes. js entry files. At the same time, change the port in the www file to 18080 because the default port of BAE is 18080.

(2) copy the packaged Project (all files under the dist folder) in the vue project to the public folder and delete it from the original folder.

In this way, you can upload all the files and open the website to view the items in the vue project. (But there is no data)


The above section describes how to package the vue project and publish it online through Baidu's BAE. I hope it will help you. If you have any questions, please leave a message, the editor will reply to you in a timely manner. Thank you very much for your support for the help House website!

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