Detailed steps for using SVN in Phpstorm

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First, build SVN environment

1. Download VisualSVN Sever. :

2. Install VisualSVN Server.

Click "Next".

Click "Next", Next, here Default, install SVN server and Admin console, below is also the default check Add SVN command line tool to environment variable.

Click ' Next ', select the installed version, here by default, select the standard version

Click ' Standard edtion ' to appear, here the parameters default

Then click ' Install ' for installation.

When the installation is complete, you can tick ' Start visualsvn Server ' and click ' Finish '. You can also click on ' Finish ' to start the menu and open the VISUALSVN.

2. Configure SVN. Right-click on "Repositories"

Then select "Create New Repository".

Next, then enter the name of the code base

Next, the default selection is the empty code base, where the default

Next, select permissions, here by default, all users have read and write permissions

Click "Create"

The address here is important and needs to be copied down. This is the address of the code base, click "Finish", the establishment of an empty code base.

3. Create a user.

Right-click on ' Users ', ' Create user ', or ' new ', ' user '

Enter the user name and password, click "OK", you can create a user

Second, use SVN in Phpstorm

1. Open Phpstorm and locate the tool vcs->checkout from Version control->subversion

Click Enter, click on the "+" sign in the page, then enter the SVN address (the one that was copied in the previous step, the link to the code base). Click OK.

2.SVN Checkout, we select the SVN link just added and then ' Checkout '.

3, local check out. Select a local destination directory and click OK. Select the version you want to update to local, and click OK. Select the SVN server version and click OK.

asks if you want to open this directory, ' YES ', and then asks if it opens in a new window or in the current window, and then "OK"

The first update may be a bit longer. Wait patiently. The project has been updated locally.

4. Update the project. "VCS", "Update Project", then "OK", if you need to enter the user password in the process, please enter the SVN server red created user and password

Not to be continued ...

Detailed steps for using SVN in Phpstorm

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