Development certificates, app identities, device identities, configuration files, and key #DF for IOS

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iOS development process If you need to do real-machine debugging, publishing needs to register for many certificates,

Here's a brief description of common certificates and keys for iOS development:


Common iOS certificates include developing certificates and publishing certificates, both for real-computer debugging and for the final release of apps to the App Store, which are basic certificates for iOS development.

1. Development Certificate: The development certificate is divided into common development certificates and push certificates, if only the general application of the former can be satisfied, but if the development of push applications must use the push certificate.

2. Publish the Certificate: Publish the certificate can also be divided into General publishing certificate, push certificate, Pass Type ID certificate, site Publishing certificate, VoIP service certificate, Apple Payment certificate. Similarly, for applications that need to use special services, the corresponding certificate must be selected.

App identity

App ID, the app's unique identifier, the bundle Identifier,app ID for the iOS app is divided into a wildcard app ID and a clear app ID in the Apple Developer Center, which is typically used for general application development, and an ID can be applied to multiple different identity applications But for apps that use services such as message push, Passbook, site Publishing, icloud, you must configure an explicit app ID.

Device identification

UDID, an identifier used to identify each hardware device. Note that it is not a device Token,device token is a set of identifiers generated based on UDID using an algorithm that only Apple knows for itself.

Introduction to Configuration

Provisioning Profiles, usually referred to as PP file. A configuration file that packages Udid, App IDs, and development certificates is also divided into two types of configuration files: development and release.

Secret key

You must submit a key request file when you request a development certificate, and for the Mac that generates the key request file, you only need to download the certificate and configuration brief to develop it if you want to do development. However, if you want to develop on another machine, you must export the key in the certificate (after exporting it is a. p12 file), and then import the other machines. Also, for similar push server-side applications, if you want to send a message to APNs, you also need to use the. P12 key file, and the key file needs to be the corresponding key for the push certificate export.

Development certificates, app identities, device identities, configuration files, and key #DF for IOS

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