Development of Web SCADA graphic visualization system with B/s structure

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b/S structure of the SCADA system, also known as the fourth generation of SCADA. It integrates technology cores such as Internet technology, object-oriented technology, and DNA neuron technology to enable data collection and monitoring to be opened and accessed by more management systems, control systems and users. The WEB SCADA will be the first step for many enterprises to realize the integration of management and control.

What are the advantages of Web SCADA systems and traditional SCADA systems?

Has the following advantages

1) can be remote access, so that users are far away from the scene, but also everywhere concerned

2) A wide range of technical cooperation is possible, many people on the same issue can be consulted, and even the world

3) Alarm mode of multi-channel realization, not only can be displayed in SCADA monitoring system, but also through paging, e_mail and even mobile phone messages to achieve

4) A user can monitor multiple processes, so that the process control personnel no longer persisting; multiple users can monitor the same process, truly realize the openness of the data and transparency of process signals

5) The end user participates in the design, makes the control process more reasonable, the production craft obtains the perfect embodiment

6) Instrument virtualization, simple operation, not only can be recorded on-site data, but also intelligent analysis

7) Multi-instrument and multi-control system work together to enhance the global automatic diagnosis capability

8) unmanned operation and remote operation can reduce the cost of plant operation, it is crucial to choose the right equipment, so as to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the plant.

Here are some of our users with multi-graphic control of the development of SCADA software, the software operating interface is as follows:

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b/S structure of the Web SCADA system must have the following characteristics

1, for the different control objects can be convenient for mobile phone configuration, only in the algorithm Android configuration when the different graphics elements are called.

2, the control personnel in the visual language for "drawing" editing, mouse connection.

3, the module parameters can be changed dynamically.
4, open, can access user-defined modules.
5, integrated with the graphics iOS configuration software, compose the easy-to-use graphical simulation cloud configuration software.
6, support graphical modeling, high degree of automation, maintainability is good;
7, Support Online module level and source code level debugging;

Technical characteristics of multi-ratio graphic control

1. Visio-like operating interface

Multi-control graphics have a design interface like Visio that allows users to easily make their own graphical symbols and draw beautiful vector graphics.

2. supports both vector and bitmap images

At the same time, the multi-ratio control also supports bitmaps very well, with full support for JPG, GIF, and PNG. Multi-ratio controls make it easy to access pictures on the Web, which makes it easier to integrate and update applications.

3. User- defined data

The basic properties of multi-control graphics are numerous, covering the various requirements of the current graphics application. In addition, graphics can add two types of custom attributes, one for storing data only, and the other to change the structure inside the component through modification of the property. For example, when assigning value to a dashboard, the instrument panel pointer is deflected.

4. Good ability to interact

The multi-ratio control has the perfect interactive ability, when the graphics run, not only the picture has a variety of mouse, keyboard events, and each graphics unit can achieve their own events.

5. powerful scripting language

The multi-ratio control itself is developed using JavaScript, which has the natural advantage of integrating scripting languages such as JavaScript.

6. Good scalability

The entities in the control have very strict inheritance relationships, and by using inheritance, polymorphism, and overlay techniques, the user can easily modify the behavior of the elements and customize their own vector graphics application without modifying the core code of the one-to-one ratio. This mechanism ensures that each update of the multi-ratio control can be updated transparently by the programmer.

7. Web Integration

The multi-ratio control is natural for web development, easy and ASP. NET and Java technology integration, in the interface and other DOM structure interactive ability is very strong, but also can take advantage of ExtJS, jquery and other three-party package, to achieve more powerful functions.

8. Quality Assurance

Multi-ratio control in the stability, security, after several years of practice testing, proved to have reached a high degree, in the user group to enjoy high satisfaction.

B/S structure of the Web SCADA graphical visualization system development

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