Different processing of Unicode characters by HTML, CSS and JS

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Different representations of Unicode characters

Unicode characters are represented in HTML, CSS, and JS in different ways, as described below.

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CSS notation

First, a very common font icon code for bootstrap:

.glyphicon-home:before { content: "\e021";}

The code above is the e021 Unicode code for this character, which is 16 binary.


‘\ + 16进制的unicode编码‘

such as: ' \5b89 ' denotes the Chinese character "Ann":

<div class=  "test"  ></div><< Span class= "Hljs-name" >style> .test:  Before {content:   "\e021" </STYLE>    
JS Representation method


‘\u + 16进制的unicode编码‘


// 如:‘\u5b89‘表示汉字“安”console.log(‘\u5b89‘); // 输出“安”
HTML representation method

HTML special Point, the use of 10 in the system , at first did not pay attention to this to make a day out not to be depressed for a long time.


‘&# + 10进制的unicode编码 + 英文分号;‘

such as & #23433; (note, because the normal writing will be converted to Chinese characters, so I deliberately left a space in the middle to prevent conversion) , the end of the semicolon after the test does not add, but it is better to add a bit.

<div>    这是unicode表示的字符“安”:& #23433;(这里故意留一空格防止转换)</div>

In addition, some special characters have other representations, which is often said html转义字符 , such as (because of the automatic conversion problem, here is represented by the picture):

The complete HTML escape character table can be found here:


Get Unicode encoding of Chinese characters

So, how do you know the Unicode encoding of a Chinese character? Very simple:

‘安‘.charCodeAt(); // 输出的 23433 就是汉字 安 的unicode编码,不过注意是10进制的String.fromCharCode(23433); // 输出 ‘安‘

Obtained 10 Unicode encoding, and then if you want to use JS and CSS inside, you need to use the toString(16) turn 16 to do further processing.

var Unicode=‘\\U+charcodeat (). tostring (16) //output string: "\u8317" JSON. parse ( ' "' +unicode +//output Kanji: "Tea" eval ( "' +unicode+//or using eval parsing can also          

HTML, CSS, JS different processing of Unicode characters

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