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I haven't written anything for a long time, and the project was coming to an end a few years ago. Recently, I saw an article on the Internet that links to jQuery best practices at the end of the article because I was testing it: contains the wrong variable. For details, refer to the $ (parentID> childClass) on the image. I have compared the two characters to change the size!
Thanks to "No cupid" in the html5 Chinese Web QQ group ".

The third point mentions the relationship between the parent element and the child element and mentions the use case for selecting the child element from the parent element:

The Code is as follows:

$ ('. Child', $ parent)
$ Parent. find ('. child ')
$ Parent. children ('. child ')
$ ('# Parent>. child ')
$ ('# Parent. child ')
$ ('. Child', $ ('# parent '))

In the test case, it is true that the find method using jquery is the fastest, but with a slight modification, another result is obtained $ ('# parent>. child.

In the author's use case, only the object $ ('# parent') is directly cached '); however, when we define the dom id and class attributes as constants and pass them into the test case, another result is displayed.
Author native test page: http://jsperf.com/bell-selector

Tested after modification page: http://jsperf.com/bell-selector/2

At the same time, I can test a piece of code segment that I obtained from the real environment. It is also the fastest way to write $ ('# parent>. child.
Test page: http://jsperf.com/findchildren

From the above results, we can see that the two test results I have given are obviously good performance with a greater than the number selector.

If you see this article or learn more, you can give a description. Other content in the article is a good idea.
Article: http://www.jb51.net/article/28056.htm

The person in the garden who has time and conditions can debug the above operations and provide detailed procedures. I have to wait for the project to finish before I can debug the process.
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