discuz! x2.5/source/class/helper/helper_seo.php Remote Code Execution Vul

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1 . Vulnerability Description 2 . Vulnerability trigger Condition 3 . Vulnerability Impact Range 4 . Vulnerability Code Analysis 5 . Defense Methods 6. Defensive thinking

1. Vulnerability description

Remote code execution vulnerability in preg_replace+ modifier e+ double quotation marks in the SEO module

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2. Vulnerability Trigger Condition

12. Register any account 3. Log in User, blog post (note is log)45 . Access log, forum root directory generated demo.php, a sentence to send password C

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http://weibo.com/2242334800/ygxonqlf9?type=comment#_rnd1432431149028http://  sebug.net/vuldb/ssvid-60082

3. Vulnerability Impact Range
4. Vulnerability Code Analysis


..if($searcharray &&$replacearray) {$_g['trunsform_tmp'] =Array (); /*1. The $content used for the replacement is from the image address of the user input 2. preg_place replaced content using double quotation marks wrapping 3. The search for preg_replace uses the "e" modifier to cause PHP to use EV when the replacement is complete. Al executes the replaced content one time because the syntax of eval ("${${}") can be executed dynamically, resulting in a hacker being able to inject remote code*/$content= Preg_replace ("/(<script\s+.*?>.*?<\/script>) | (<a\s+.*?>.*?<\/a>) | () | (\[attach\] (\d+) \[\/attach\])/ies",'helper_seo::base64_transform ("Encode", "<relatedlink>", "\\1\\2\\3\\4", "</relatedlink>")', $content); $content= Preg_replace ($searcharray, $replacearray, $content,1); $content= Preg_replace ("/<relatedlink> (. *?) <\/relatedlink>/ies","helper_seo::base64_transform (' decode ', ' ', ' \\1 ', ')", $content);}..

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5. Defense Methods


..if($searcharray &&$replacearray) {$_g['trunsform_tmp'] =Array (); /*Replace double quotation marks with single quotation marks after repair to cause dynamic syntax ${${}} to lose execution capability*/$content= Preg_replace ("/(<script\s+.*?>.*?<\/script>) | (<a\s+.*?>.*?<\/a>) | () | (\[attach\] (\d+) \[\/attach\])/ies","helper_seo::base64_transform (' encode ', ' <relatedlink> ', ' \\1\\2\\3\\4 ', ' </relatedlink> ')", $content); /* */$content= Preg_replace ($searcharray, $replacearray, $content,1); $content= Preg_replace ("/<relatedlink> (. *?) <\/relatedlink>/ies","helper_seo::base64_transform (' decode ', ' ', ' \\1 ', ')", $content);}..

6. Defensive Thinking

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discuz! x2.5/source/class/helper/helper_seo.php Remote Code Execution Vul

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