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Article title: diskless 98 remotely started on Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source.
The following descriptions are based on mars_nwe (mars_nwe is a software equivalent to Netware Novell3.11 running on Linux ). Here, the procedure for configuring Netboot and Etherboot to remotely start Linux is not described in detail. In addition, you should refer to some documents such as bootpd tftp. After the installation is complete, you can use mknbi-dos (netboot) or DD to create a boot image file from a win98 system disk containing the config. sys, autoexec. bat, and Netware ODI drivers. (For details, see the attachment)
These are just the records created successfully in my diskless 98. I wrote these things to help readers rebuild a diskless 98 after reading them. if your system configuration is different from mine, please change it based on your actual situation.
Step 1:
First, you must have a 98 installation program on your server. However, neither version 98 nor version 95 has Netsetup. The best solution is to first install a 98 file on the local hard disk, in addition to. dat. ini and group files (groupfiles), copy all the files to the server. In addition, you must copy the setup.exe, *. cab, and other files except the win *. cab files from the CD to the shared directory, such as win98net.
Secondly, because netsetup cannot be completed, it is a good way to make the 98 CD available on the server, or directly from the optical drive, or decompress it to a directory named win98src. in this case, during installation, setup cannot find the file from the win98net directory, but it can be found from the CD or win98src directory. You may need to update the shared directory.
Step 2:
Make a 98 boot disk with the ODI and VLM drivers and other required files. the installer will try to update config. sys and autoexec. bat, but you can cancel it. Do not create a boot disk at this time, because we know how to create a VLM boot disk. (VLM can be downloaded from NOVELL's FTP ). This disk will be used as a boot image file. Also, login.exe map.exe is not part of VLM and is part of Netware3.11. If you are starting from the hard disk, make sure it is clean and config. sys and autoexec. bat has been loaded. we recommend that you delete or back up the following files under the root directory (if any): suhdlog.txt, setuplog.txt, msdos. sys, winboot. ini, system.1st, delog.txt, system. new, user. new
Step 3:
Log on to the server and run from F: win98net under DOS:
Path = f: win98net; f: win98netcommand;
F: win98netsetup/is/im/iq/id/t: f: win98nettemp f: win98netmsbatch. inf
Note: Make sure that there is no file under f: win98nettemp, otherwise setup will not start. Msbatch. inf is included in the attachment. you can change the options 0 (not installed) or 1 (installation), but you need to change the IP address, host name, DNS, etc, to suit your configuration.
Step 4:
You need the serial code of win98 for backup.
**************************************** ********************
* Server-based Setup *
* Click the type of installation you want, then click next *
* O Copy all Windows 98 files to my computer *
* O Setup Windows 98 to run from network server *
* A minimum number files will be copied to my computer *
**************************************** ********************
When the screen is displayed, select the second item and then click next.
**************************************** ***********************
* Startup Method *
* Click one of the following method for starting Windows, and *
* Then click next *
* O Start Windows from hard disk *
* O Start Windows from floppy disk *
* O Start Windows from the network (remote boot server )*
**************************************** ***********************
When the screen is displayed, select the third item and then click next.
**************************************** **************************
* Machine Directory *
* Type the name of the directory where you want to put files and *
* Setting for this computer. Then click next to continue .*
* Machine f: win98 *
**************************************** **************************
On this screen, enter f: win98, select custom (custom) for the next screen, and then enter your name (whatever you want), computer name, company, and organization, and then select components for installation. we recommend that you select the minimum installation (after installation is complete, to install other programs, you can install them from the control panel -- add/delete programs ). After two more screens, the installer starts to copy files.
Step 5:
Restart the computer and log in to f: win98 and run
Setmdir/r: f: win98
The installer will start to set up your network and the following components will be installed:
O Novell NetWare (workstation Shell 4.0 and above [VLM]
O 3Com EtherLink iii isa (3c509/3c509b) in ISA mode (this is your nic name)
O Novell ipx odi Protocol
Double-click your Nic, select the 16 bits ODI driver, double-click the TCP/IP protocol, and enter the IP address and subnet mask. After the installation is complete, double-click to close it. the installer will ask you for ODI.com LSL.com 3c5x9.com and Netware. drv (from Netware VLM 1.12 ). If you don't have netware. drv, it can also work. you can see the Directory of the server, but the NOVELL tool won't work. Note that the installer will update the boot disk several times, but really not necessary since the boot disk is correctly setup already. Its time for another reboot!
Step 6:
Once again, log on to the server and run setmdir/r: f: win98 and win. the installer starts to set your hardware and PNP devices. If the installer cannot find some files, you can copy them from the CD or win98src directory. The next update and system registration will take some time. here, most drivers may not be loaded, including IE. if there is no response for a long time, press Reset to restart. Log in again, run setmdir/r: f: win98 and scanreg/fix, and then run win, scanreg on the 98 CD, it will try to fix any errors in registration. If yes, it will change the old one to system. bad and user. bad. After the registry is updated, it will be restarted once.
Step 7:
Log in to your server and run setmdir/r: f: win98 and win. you will see a prompt asking you to enter the user name and password, which is only used for Windows Login. After a while, you will see a normal 98 desktop. From the control panel-system, check whether all devices are working properly. Problems may occur in network adapters, video cards, sound cards, and APM.
Step 8:
If your Nic has a yellow sign and the driver is similar to the following, run the control panel-network-to view the driver Assembly:
3com EtherLink III
Driver files
F: WIN98NETSYSTEMvmm32. vxd (ntkern. vxd)
After the NIC is installed and restarted, check the network again to make sure the yellow mark disappears. The driver file list is as follows:
3com EtherLink III
Driver files
You may also have video cards, sound cards, and other problems. If so, update the driver in the Device Manager. If your device cannot work properly, you can use the update driver provided by the original manufacturer.
If you have added Microsoft Client and TCP/IP, you may see "Error loading gdi.exe..." and want to reinstall Windows. Remember, don't do it. you only need to do it in autoexec. in bat, rem drops "lh odihlp.exe", restarts and installs the NIC, and moves it to Microsoft Client. if your IE4.0 (note: This example is a 98 version) invalid Argument ),
Use smb to make pxe 98 and change autoexec in dosundi.1 to add volume to net.
Connect to mars_nwe with net volume.
As long as sbm exits/var/mars_nwe
(Net is used to connect nt, and smb. volume cannot be connected to netware)
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