Do station group SEO site to the requirements of the station group server high? Do station group website all need to notice Which?

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Below is I do station group SEO for several years roughly summed up some experience. If there is a superficial fallacy of the place, also invite you master prawn Haihan. To

The next content is only for Exchange study, in the principle of mutual benefit, I hope that the respective Black Cat optimization of the technical means have been improved. Think I edit

The content belongs to the pediatrics please ignore directly.

First, the choice of the domain name

Do station group site on the choice of domain name is very critical, but whether the new domain is good or old domain name good, it depends on the old domain name of the old network

Station SEO based on what is the basis. If the old site has been k over, or the degree of optimization is not high. It's better to use a new domain at this time.

Name, while the new domain name to do a good job of keyword layout, do a good job in the site optimization, rather than blindly pursue the so-called old domain name Halo. One

SEO optimization conditions of the site not only to consider the new and old domain name, but also to consider other conditions. such as: The Code of the website, the structure of the website

Rationalization, in-site keyword layout, external chain layout, website opening speed and other issues.

Second, the choice of station group software

Many people think that the most difficult to do station group site is to choose the station group software. In fact, I personally think that the station group software does have to find functional multi-effect

Good, but the station group software is better, it can not replace all of your work. This is like a gun of high precision, no long-term

Force of practice, it is impossible to cultivate a sharpshooter like. Have a good station group software, just for you to do the station group SEO added to raise

Code, instead of deciding that you do nothing, you can take a ride. So whatever your station group software is like. Your daily effort.

Is the most important factor in determining your site rankings.

Third, the choice of the station group server

Do station group website to the server request is still very high. Do not like the general website, do station groups need to have a wealth of IP address resources. Needle

For the characteristics of the server required for the station group website, there is now a dedicated station group server available on the market to choose from. Renting a dedicated server for this station group

What aspects do we need to consider?

1, the server's after-sales service. Why put the server's after-sales service device first? I think a lot of people are renting a station group server

When there is a misunderstanding, there are always people think that the station group to the server speed requirements are not very high, so take for granted that the server as long as the price

Cheap is your first choice. But one thing they did not consider is that the server is cheap, not necessarily because the line speed is poor, the service

A large part of the cost of the service is due to lower labor costs. So what are the human costs of the server?

That must be a 7x24-hour after-sales service. You can imagine your server down that day, but how can you not contact the machine room kimono

Service providers. Then you will be waiting for your website to be closed for a few hours. Therefore, the most important thing to consider in renting a server is the service

There is no 7x24-hour after-sales service, there are words, a little more money to buy a rest assured is also very worthwhile.

(Note: This site group website with server is sponsored by Russell Server Small Zhang, Penguin No. 971-24063)

2, the stability of the server problem. This is important for website optimization, and the stability of a server is more important than fast speed. Because

Server instability often shuts down will cause the website can not open. When the search engine spiders come to your site many times, you are not going to go in, you

Think about how your site is likely to be included in the spider?

(Note: This site group website with server is sponsored by Russell Server Small Zhang, Penguin No. 971-24063)

3, the speed of the server. Some station group website to the server speed requirements are still very high, even request packet loss rate is not too high. This time

Waiting to consider the station group room line speed and line stability. In general, the Web site is very high on the network speed, and traffic

Not too big time, you can choose Hong Kong Station Group Server. Hong Kong is part of China, but because it is the SAR. So the local is not prepared

Policy, which is also very advantageous to do station group website. Hong Kong server domestic access to the speed is very fast. One of mainland China visits Hong Kong CN2

The delay of the circuit room is only about 10-60 milliseconds, which is almost the same as accessing the domestic BGP room. If your website is very traffic-

and the line requirements for the server are high. It is recommended that you choose a station group server for the U.S. CN2 line. U.S. CN2 line directly connected to mainland China

The line bandwidth is expensive, but the price is one cent of the goods. Expensive in fast stability, low packet loss rate.

(Note: This site group website with server is sponsored by Russell Server Small Zhang, Penguin No. 971-24063)

Four, the choice of the station group server

For the station group site, the requirements of the server in general and there is no ordinary portal site requirements high. But station group SEO after all belongs to a kind of left wall

Black cat techniques, in order to circumvent the search engine, it will be used to do the site of the station group of server IP as far as possible scattered. For us to do business station

In order to raise stations to do the station group, because the scale of the station group will not be very large, it is recommended to use a small number of IP Hong Kong VPS server can be.

The layout of Station Group website

About the number of site group website, this really does not have a specific answer. To maintain a website, five stations of the small station group can, 100 stations

The station group is better, is always the more the more. Of course it depends on your financial strength and the rate of return of the site group.

Here, to do a 100 site of the station group to illustrate. 100 sites, can be a group of 10 stations to build a relatively large station

Group. Link is: Station Group 1 Group, Station Group 2 Group, Station Group 3 Group, Station Group 4 Group-5 Group->6 Group->7 Group->8 Group->9 Group->10 Group-

>1 Group. Note that this is a "group" instead of simply being interconnected within a group and then linking to the master station. At present, although Baidu said it can be in a

Determine the level of the station group to make a judgment, but there is absolutely no way to judge the 10-layer link of the station group. In addition, each group of Web sites, to have

Seven stations and we want to push the height of the main station related, three sites casually choose the theme to do, will be confused in the site.

Given my limited ability, this is what I can think of today. What do you want to add in the future, thank you for your patience and reading.

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Do station group SEO site to the requirements of the station group server high? Do station group website all need to notice Which?

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