Do you want to learn programming languages when learning games? Analysis of top 10 mainstream programming languages

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The development of computer has promoted the emergence of a new profession. programmers have appeared in recent years and have gained a wide range of attention. I believe this is also the dream of many new students. But there are also many types of programmers, not every programmer can be proficient in all programming languages. The so-called specialization in the industry. If you are interested in the programming world in the future, you should pay attention to it. Today, we recommend the most popular programming languages in 2014. They can be said to be tools for future programmers to survive.

1. JavaScript
JavaScript has a huge demand for Web applications. JavaScript is mainly used for implementing Web browsers to provide enhanced user interfaces and dynamic websites.

Until google invented the J8 engine. It has pushed this language to an unprecedented peak.

J8 is a machine code that allows javascript to be converted into a machine that can be directly recognized at compilation. The execution timeliness rate, which has been criticized for a long time, is now much slower than the native c ++ language.

With the development of Node-js, javascript has become the mainstream for server development. In particular, Netease has developed a large-scale online game (MMORPG) Framework Pomelo.

Now you can use javascript to develop online games.

2d game development: coco Engine Company in addition to cocos2d-js engine. Supports developing high-performance 2d games with javascript. And across all platforms.

3d Game Development: with the rise of Unity3d. 3d mobile game development Unity3d has almost become a standard. The mainstream language officially recommended by unity is Javascript development.

Javascript Tutorial:Http://

The most popular programming language C/C ++.
2. C/C ++
C and C ++ are both based on C and are currently the most popular programming languages. C is often used as the programming languages for systems and applications, such as embedded system applications. C ++ has become one of the most popular languages among developers since its appearance. It is used to develop system software, application software, device drivers, embedded software, high-performance servers and client applications and entertainment software, such as video games.

C language tutorials: Http://

C ++ getting started: Http://

3. Java
It can be used in fields, including enterprise applications and infrastructure, as well as Web applications and android mobile app development.

Java language Tutorial:

4. C #

C # is an object-oriented high-level programming language that runs on. NET Framework. C # is a language developed by Microsoft to replace Java, and draws on some features of Java, C, C ++, and Delphi, today, C # has become a popular development language for Microsoft App Store and developers.

5. PHP
PHP is a general open-source scripting language that is especially suitable for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. It was originally used to design dynamic Web pages. The syntax absorbs the features of C, Java, and Perl, which is easy to learn and widely used.

6. Python

Python is a dynamic language used to design a variety of applications. It is easier to write than Tcl, Perl, Ruby, Scheme and Java. The Python syntax is concise and clear, and has rich and powerful class libraries. It is often called the glue language. It can easily connect various modules made in other languages (especially C/C ++.

7. Ruby

Ruby is dynamic and focuses on a simple and efficient open-source language. It is an elegant syntax that can be read and written naturally and is suitable for rapid development, generally, the development efficiency is five times higher than that of JAVA.

8. Objective-C

For those who love Apple devices, the popularity of Objective-C has benefited from Apple's success. It is an object-oriented language that increases the reflection of Smalltalk-style messages in the C programming language. It is mainly used in Apple systems and GNUstep systems that use OpenStep standards. With the popularity of the apple platform, Objective-C language is gradually known.

Web application HTML5.
9. HTML5

HTML5 is a standard language used to build the core technology of the Internet. It is used to present content on the Web. It is the fifth revision of the HTML standard. Now, HTML5 continues to play an important role in mobile development, providing a diversified development path for the development of the Internet, 37% of developers rely on HTML5 to develop mobile websites and Web applications.

10. CSS
CSS is a computer language used to express HTML), XML, and other file styles. It is most commonly used for Web styles and HTML and Xhtml interfaces. This language can be used to apply XML documents of any type. CSS is designed to separate the document content from the document representation, including elements, such as layout, color, and font.

Summary: this is currently the most popular 10 programming languages, which are applicable to different fields. For Beginners, if you want to learn programming and development, then, you need to know different users of these languages, select your preferred fields for research, and specialize in the industry so that you can develop better in the future workplace.

11. Assembly

Assembly languages are generally used in places that have requirements on speed and space, such as: (1) cracking the core part of the password software, as well as scanning the anti-virus software, all of which require high execution speeds, the assembly language is required. (2) the startup part of the unix operating system, which is closely related to the hardware, and the Assembly Language directly operates on the hardware, so the assembly language is the most competent. (3) There is a saying in my book: according to relevant statistics, programs written in assembly language are generally executed 10 times faster than C language programs. some game programs need to be called several thousand times in one second. If they are written in other languages, you may spend all your time waiting for the game. (4) It is best to write a virus in an assembly language. The efficiency is really high. If there is no assembly language, the number of hackers in the world will be less than half. (5) As long as the work can be completed by the advanced language, the assembly language can be completed, and some work that can be completed by the assembly language cannot be completed, so the Assembly Language still plays an important role. at present, it is almost useless to compile a program using pure assembly. Instead, it is inserted into a high-level language. Therefore, assembly is generally used for embedded development.

Assembly Tutorial:Http:// From = y1.2-1-87.3.11-2.1-1-10

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