Does MeeGo work? The Qt application of Nokia lightning is very powerful.

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Maybe Nokia players in Germany, Sweden, the United States, and Japan should envy Chinese users, because we will soon be able to buy a licensed Nokia license. Unlike N900 two years ago, Nokia attaches great importance to the Chinese market this time and has extensive cooperation with third-party application providers. The licensed market will have many built-in Chinese applications, it is also developed based on Qt.

Nokia released several videos on the Qt development site to show developers the smoothness and development advantages of tranquility + Qt.


"Our latest client has been released on the Nokia mobile phone. It allows you to view the dynamics of friends and what friends are doing. Nokia lightning is a Qt model we are looking forward to. It looks classic and stylish. Its UI style, interaction and design are getting better and better. Kaixinnet App has been developed for two months and has invested three people. Most of its functions can be tested on simulators ."

Click here to watch's video:

Accuweather N950

"It is very exciting to develop with Qt and MeeGo. We will draw a prototype diagram on the draft and then implement it in the simulator. The new N950 delivers a great interactive experience, smooth animation effects, and looks very textured. The entire development process is not boring. QML is really interesting ."

Click here to view the Accuweather video:

The videos on the Nokia Qt development site are updated every week and more Chinese applications will be displayed in the future. According to reliable news, there are more than 10 Built-in Chinese applications in the licensed stock market. Can't wait? The rumor is that September 9 is coming soon. Prepare for the silver. The 475 euro is not cheap.

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