Does PHP just make a website?

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Does PHP just make a website? If you learn PHP how to plan a career path is better, it is not possible to do the site. and heard that do the site generally have backstage code just do the front page design. There is no major God to explain. Thank you

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Front page design: html/css, Js/jquery
Website features: Php+mysql such as login registration, shopping mall and so on
Server: Apache, Nginx

Using PHP is not limited to outputting HTML. PHP can also be used to dynamically output images, PDF files, and even Flash animations (using libswf and Ming). It is also very easy to output text, such as XHTML and any other form of XML file. PHP can automatically generate these files, creating a cache of dynamic content on the server, either by printing them directly or by storing them in a file system.

You also write scripts, as a tool, though using less

Whatever PHP is used to do, PHP works for web development and can be embedded in HTML

PHP is used to do the web, which is its superiority.

1: PHP is useful both in terms of development and economics. PHP is free software and PHP is easy to get started with.
2:php is a fully cross-platform Web development language with extremely powerful features during Web project development.
3:php has a wide range of applications, mainly in Web development or Web application development!

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