Doitphp 1.2 officially announced

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Doitphp 1.2 officially released
At the end of the moon, the horizon altogether. To the occasion of this mid-Autumn Festival, I wish you colleagues happy Mid-Autumn Day.
I am pleased to announce to you that doitphp 1.2 has been officially released.
doitphp since its release, with simple operation, excellent performance and powerful features are respected by the industry. A recent test report gave the result: in a comprehensive application (database read + view rendering),
Doitphp's operating efficiency is the top, 2-3 times the well-known PHP framework at home and abroad. Let me feel gratified, painstaking day-to-day not negative, how many days and nights of painstaking effort has finally paid off.

Now, doitphp again: New version 1.2 officially released .... The new version
Added support for MySQL database master-slave separation,
Added support for custom URL routing features,
Added the namespace (support multi-entry file) feature,
Added support for Sina's SAE cloud computing platform,
Doitphp has broken through technology bottlenecks and successfully moved to enterprise-class applications. However this is only the beginning ...

doitphp Download URL:
Sina SAE Platform Application Demo:

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doitphp (formerly Tommyframework) is a lightweight PHP framework published based on the BSD open source protocol. In short: doitphp is efficient, easy to learn and easy to expand. In other words: The doitphp operation is efficient and powerful, flexible operation and can expand freely. As a "rising Star" in the PHP framework, doitphp adheres to the good PHP framework that is common to the code: OOP writing style, URL routing, MVC architecture, UID database operations, and Ajax front-end page technical support. And in the operation and functional design of micro-innovation:

First, doitphp's auxiliary development tools (doitphp tools), its powerful "scaffolding" function, makes it easier to use this framework for program development.

Second, concise and efficient view operation mechanism, so that the development of the view file is easy to do.

Third, Flexible extension modules (module) design, it is very easy to invoke such as: SMARTY, ADODB, CKEditor, Tinyeditor, FPDF, Phpmailer, Phprpc and other open source programs.

Four, integrated jquery and Thickbox, TABS, jquery FORM, lazyload and other jquery plug-ins, so that the front-end page development to achieve AJAX loading image loading effect, Lightbox effect (lock screen Effect), tab menu. The checkbox's full selection or anti-selection effects, as well as the image's lazy loading effect, make it handy.

V. Provide PHP program development commonly used in the operation of the library, whether it is a cookie, session operation, or to achieve page paging effect, to achieve audio, video, picture slideshow playback, to generate RAR, EXCEL, pdf file types of files, to achieve Memcach, XCACHE, APC and other common cache operations, the implementation of Web service and other high-level PHP applications. Use the Extended class library to operate as if it were "handy."

Six, rich database-driven, support MySQL, POSTGRESQL, ORACLE, SQLITE, MSSQL, MongoDB and other databases.

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