Domestic and foreign mobile medical 10 iconic models: Hardware + software

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Domestic and foreign mobile medical 10 iconic models: Hardware + software

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HIMSS, an international health member organization, defines mobile medicine as MHealth, which provides medical services and information through the use of mobile communications technologies such as PDAs, mobile phones and satellite communications. In recent years, with the improvement of mobile medical environment, especially the rise of wearable devices, mobile medical hardware and software businesses have also ushered in explosive development, but also to the market and investors have brought endless imagination.

Environment 1: According to the Foreign consultation report, the global mobile medical industry will reach $60 billion in 2012, the annual compound growth rate reached 30%-40%, in China, the mobile health-driven market size, about billions of yuan.

Big Environment 2: According to Cube Labs survey data, there are 62% of the world's physicians using tablets, 50% of doctors will use tablets for clinical diagnosis, 71% of nurses at work using smartphones, mobile terminals in the health care staff has reached a certain degree of popularity.

Benefits of Mobile Healthcare:

Compared with traditional medical treatment, mobile medical care has been greatly improved in portability, convenience, the efficiency of doctors ' resource allocation and disease prevention.

1. The combination of medical service and mobile communication will save the time and cost of registering, waiting and even taking transportation.

2, "td-lte" high-definition, mobile, wireless technology advantages, can help the ambulance medical staff, through mobile HD video to get clear, fast remote guidance, do not miss the treatment of "golden half an hour";

3, community doctors with mobile medical diagnostic equipment, you can always ask large hospitals, large doctors for remote consultation;

4, community medical information platform, you can use SMS, MMS, WAP, call center and other ways to provide the public with handheld medical news, appointment registration and other services.

Foreign mobile medical charge mode: Software article

(listed company) charges to pharmaceutical companies: The most typical is Epocrates,epocrates is the world's first listed mobile medical company, for doctors to provide clinical information on mobile phone reference, its flagship product is the drug and clinical treatment database. When it was launched in 2010, users covered 40% of doctors across the United States. EPOCRATES2012 's annual revenue is about $120 million, and 75% comes from pharmaceutical companies, mainly to provide accurate advertising and survey services. Epocrates was acquired in January this year at a price of nearly $300 million.


to charge a doctor: ZocDoc, founded in 2007, has nearly $100 million in financing, and is taking a business model that is free to patients and charges to doctors. According to the geographical location, insurance status and doctor's professional referral to the doctor, and the platform can be directly completed appointments, patients can more easily select and appointment of doctors, doctors may get more patients, especially insurance coverage of patients, means more income. Doctors pay $250 per month to use the ZocDoc platform. According to the number of doctors published by ZocDoc, its annual income should be more than tens of millions of dollars.


(listed company) charges the insurance company: WellDoc is a mobile technology company focused on chronic disease management, and its flagship product is the Mobile + cloud-based diabetes management platform. Patients can easily record and store blood sugar data using their mobile phone. Cloud-based algorithms provide personalized feedback to patients on blood glucose data, alerting doctors and nurses in a timely manner. The system has been approved by FDA medical devices and has been proven clinically effective and economically valuable in clinical studies, so it has been reimbursed by two health insurance companies for insured diabetic patients. WellDoc even partnered with drug companies to sell the service to doctors using pharmaceutical representatives from drug companies.


Foreign mobile medical charge mode: Hardware

(listed company) charges to the hospital: Vocera's profit model is typical for hospital fees, Vocera provides mobile communication solutions for hospitals, and its core product is a mobile device that lets doctors and nurses wear their necks or not on their chests, sending, receiving, calling and setting reminders wherever they are, replacing the BP machines used in hospitals. In the United States, the patient information security requirements are very high, there is a special Hippa act to standardize the use and transmission of information. General mobile devices are not allowed to transmit patient-related information (e.g. doctors cannot use personal email to send patient information). Vocera's equipment meets HIPPA requirements and is ideal for team use. Vocera has more than 300 hospital clients in the United States, with annual revenues approaching $100 million. The company also listed in 2012, with a market capitalisation of more than $600 million.


charges to consumers: Zeo is a company that provides mobile sleep monitoring and personalized sleep guidance, and its profit model is primarily consumer-oriented hardware sales, and Zeo more like a home medical device provider, providing a wide class of consumer-oriented health mobile applications that monitor heart rate, diet, exercise, and Physiological parameters such as sleep. Its product Zeo is a wrist strap and head sticker that can be connected via Bluetooth and a phone or a bedside device, recording the night's sleep cycle and giving a quality rating. Users can have a quantitative understanding of their sleep by monitoring the score changes or by comparing them to the average of the same age group. In addition, for people with poor sleep, Zeo also offers personalized sleep guidance, and some tests to find possible problems.


Domestic Mobile medical Services: Software

Domestic mobile medical applications have not formed a more mature and stable profit model, mainly divided into the business-to-business model for hospital doctors and direct user-oriented business-to-business model. Currently, there are four main categories of mobile app terminals:

One is telemedicine , such as "The Rain Palm Doctor", can inquire oneself or others have the possibility of disease, and through the app to ask the Doctor;

Second, disease management , such as "good Doctor", the heart valve stent and other diseases after surgery management, while managing their own disease data;

third, drug management , such as "Lilac garden" medication assistant doctor can be used to consult the drug instructions, review the Drug Guide summary and the full text, the use of common medical computing tools;

Four is through the medical literature to the wild Hospital introduction of new products, apricot forest products "medical literature" at the end of last March, has covered 10% of the domestic health care workers, the current business model of almond forest is through the use of almond forest tools, to provide personalized recommendations for pharmaceutical and enterprise products, At the same time to the health care personnel marketing, eventually to drug companies charge.

From the current domestic app terminal profit model, in addition to the almond forest may be charged to the drug companies, mainly to consumers charging mode. For example, the Doctor of spring rain in the terminal to ask questions, the rapid response to the demand for a few yuan to dozens of yuan of different charges. Doctors can determine whether they are willing to take care of themselves according to their own schedule, this part of the cost of all to the Doctor, the spring rain has not been divided with the doctor, the future with the number of doctors and consumers, the formation of scale effect and brand, through advertising or in the form of a doctor to obtain income.

Good doctor online than spring Rain handheld doctor do earlier, at the same time, good Doctor website brand Awareness has formed, established a certain degree of consumer trust, the doctor group relatively stable and reliable. At present, 3,228 hospitals have been included in 300,000 doctors, the main services include looking for a doctor, appointment outpatient, consulting experts. Consulting experts also include online consulting and telephone consultation. The cost of doctor telephone consultation is higher, the cost of expert consultations is hundreds of yuan/times.

Domestic Mobile medical Services: Hardware

(listed company) Nine medical as the only domestic provider of mobile medical hardware equipment listed companies, the company has been continuously enriching its own brand Ihealth Mobile Health Management series of product lines, mainly for consumers. In 2012, the United States Las Vegas held the CES conference, the company launched a wireless blood pressure tester, wireless blood glucose tester and wireless fat scale three mobile medical products, the first 2 are upgrade products, wireless blood glucose tester is a new product, all three through wireless or Bluetooth data transfer to Apple devices, Data can be analyzed by uploading to the cloud from the app. A new oximeter and blood glucose meter were introduced at CES Consumer Electronics Show in 2013.

Also in 2011, the first Sphygmomanometer product has been fully covered at Apple's direct store, and the pharmacy/super cooperation has been carried out smoothly. At present, the company's revenue source is still export-oriented, but the domestic occupation ratio is rapidly rising, including electronic sphygmomanometer accounted for about 15% of the global market share, ranked third, accounting for 70% of the company's revenue, 2013 of the total annual revenue is expected 406 million.

Domestic and foreign mobile medical 10 iconic models: Hardware + software

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