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Assume that there is only one developer, such as you. Assume that there is only one user, such as Lao Zhao. Now let's take a look atBug. Whenever you give it to Lao ZhaoProgramOld Zhao started playing with the new version. He will disturb you frequently because of frequent problems. So you get bored and have an appointment with him. "At four o'clock P.M. every day, we will discuss what you found.Bug!"

On the first day, Lao Zhao discovered2ItemsBug. Four o'clock P.M.. report to you. Ha, these two are both minor issues! When Zhao said it, you just changed it!

The next day, Lao Zhao discovered10ItemsBug. Report to you at four o'clock P.M..7. Because he didn't remember it all. While you are listening, you are white-eyed, because it seems a little difficult to solve a few problems ...... Wait for tomorrow morning. Think about it.

The third day, in the morning, you are modifyingBug. Modified3. Because you forgot3. And1Old Zhao said it was unclear and asked him to re-demonstrate it, but this time there was no exception. You gave the latest version of the changed program to Lao Zhao. Lao Zhao was happy to accept it, but he shouted with a cool effort.

In fact, as long as we make some improvements, we can basically solve the problem:10ItemsBugWritten on paper. At four o'clock P.M., you went through the content on the paper, and you put the paper next to your computer.UntilBugAre resolved. This paper is the simplestBugTracking System.

BugThe tracing system namedDefect Tracking System(Defect Tracking System). Based on this,BugThe Student name isDefects(Defect). This book is called defect from here.

Generally, the defect tracking system is much more complicated than the above one, because the actual situation is often more complicated. There may be more than one developer, but more than one user may come from all corners of the world. I am afraid that not the user is looking for the developer directly, but there are customer service personnel, product managers, etc. among them, sticking to their posts; in addition, defects are not only discovered by users. In fact, many defects are discovered by the test team.

Some development teams useExcel MSWait for the spreadsheet to handle the defect tracking, which is much more advanced than using a small sheet of paper. However, it is usually not convenient. For example, because two people cannot modify oneExcel MSFiles. For example, if the number of defects is large, it is inconvenient to use a table to browse. For a programmer, there may be few defects that should be solved by himself, but you need to find your own names in hundreds of defects.

The basic advice is to install and use the defect tracking software. In such software, each defect is an entry. When a defect is discovered, it is entered into such software. Then, the software helps us track it and track the entire lifecycle of a defect until we confirm that the defect has been eliminated.

[Bugzilla] This is the most popular defect tracking software in the Open Source world. It is precisely the change request management software.Similar open-source softwareMantisAndTRAC.

[Bugfree] This is a change request management software developed by the Chinese people. It is open-source and widely used.

[ClearQuest]IBM RationalProduced by the company. A powerful commercial change request management system. It can followClearcaseGood integration: abilityClearcaseActivities (I .e. task units) in, are associated with a change request record (such as a defect record. More features will be introduced later. Similar commercial softwareTelelogic change.

 In fact, Lao Zhao secretly copied a piece of paper before handing it over to you. This old fox.

 Change request management will be described in the next chapter. Here, we only need to know That defect management is a change request management, because the request to fix the defect is one type of change request.

Note: The above is from the original article "preparing for a rainy day-Understanding Software Configuration Management". If you are interested in this book, you can access the Internet to obtain detailed information such as the book directory. If you are interested, you are welcome to purchase it. A good book is priced at only 45 RMB.

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