Don't pin your hopes on the real estate if you want to increase Linux.

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If you want to increase the size of Linux, do not pin your hopes on the manufacturer-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. However, all Linux versions are based on the core of Linux. Technically, all versions are similar. Some Netizens criticize the red-flag Linux. I think the quality of Linux has little to do with the quality of Linux, we cannot pin our hopes on them. Today I will let you get rid of this idea.

The development of Linux is mainly the third-largest support. For example, if there is no real manufacturer to provide driver support for the current Windows operating system, no good system will be used for the application software. After all, it is a system, the system is like a playground. Someone has to enter this playground to play its role and shine.

Let's try another example that everyone can accept. For example, QQ and Xunlei all have the Linux version and have the same functions or more as Windows, the user will use this application after seeing it, but this is missing in Linux. Technically speaking, Linux is not bad. Otherwise, how can it be the first choice for a supercomputer.

The developer is only responsible for the OS. It only plays a playground. More people will find the playground and enter it.
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