DotNetBar v12.3.0.3 Fully cracked

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PS: Blog Park program problems, resulting in my blog can not access (go to the login page), and I myself because of the cookie problem, has been able to access, so has not found the problem.

Thanks for the glacier Blade, thx!.

Update information:

You can contact me if you encounter a crack problem.

First uninstall the old version of the program, and then install the original program, and then install the crack patch. Cracked patches are limited to the current version and cannot be used for other versions.

Put on a cracked DLL file, easy to use only the new version of the control and do not want to install the original program friends. If you want to use DotNetBar's full functionality, Demos, sample code, etc., it is recommended to use the hack patch after installing the original program.

The installer and the cracked patches must be paired, so please also download the link below to install the program and crack the patch. The official installer will often silent update, which will cause the patch application to fail.

Download the original program (BAIDU)

Hack patch Download (Baidu)

Crack DLL File Download (Baidu)

DotNetBar v12.3.0.3 Fully cracked

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