Double system installation Sequelae

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Double-system installation sequelae-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. I installed ubuntu 8.10 the day before yesterday. I installed a full Chinese support package, downloaded and installed realplay, and downloaded and installed the Firefox mp3 plug-in. It took me more than an hour for Telecom 2 m, there was an xp on the computer. When ubuntu was installed, it selected the maximum continuous space available on the hard disk. Everything went fine when ubuntu was used. Today, I entered xp and found that the sound card was not installed, I downloaded the file and wanted to install it. I found that the C disk space was insufficient. I had a 40 Gb hard disk and divided it into four partitions, each with 10 Gb. After ubuntu was installed, I went to xp and found that the C disk was only 1.73 GB, the remaining 17.6M space is insufficient and the sound card cannot be installed. Go to disk management. There are nine partitions in total. The first partition is the drive C, the fifth partition is the drive d, and the second partition has more than 7 GB, all of which are linux partitions, and the third partition is 399 M, it is a swap partition, the fourth partition is 199 M, empty. I just installed a red flag 6.0 and ubuntu 8.10 As Soon As I split all the hard disks. Ubuntu is too troublesome to install dual systems, and the scoring area is messy. When the red flag is used to install dual systems, the time zone will not be so messy. Ubuntu does not have the same partitioning method as the red flag.
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