Download and install the Mysql5.7 service and mysql5.7

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Download and install the Mysql5.7 service and mysql5.7

In the MySQL circle, we can feel everyone's expectations and enthusiasm for MySQL 5.7. It seems that everyone can't wait to understand, learn, and use MySQL 5.7. So, we can't help wondering what improvements have been made in MySQL 5.7, what new features have been introduced, and how much performance has been improved, so that everyone can look forward to and even be excited?

MySQL 5.7 has been significantly improved in many aspects, mainly in security, flexibility, ease of use, availability and performance.

The first thing we need to do is download and install the Mysql5.7 database. Next, let's introduce its download and installation in detail.

1. Download Mysql5.7

1. Search for mysql from Baidu and go to the official website download page.

2. Click to download the installation version.

3. Continue to Select Download

4. the next step is interesting. I am prompted to log on or register, but the funny thing is that there is actually a quick download link in the lower left corner. Just click it and you don't need to register for login. Haha, small people with small eyes, small Editor forgive you for not seeing, you must know, ouba also with eyes to see drops

5. Then, just wait for the download to be completed ,······


Ii. Install Mysql5.7

1. Double-click to open the installer


2. in the pop-up window, select the installation type. Because there are too many built-in tools, and the small Editor also has a small software cleanliness, it is enough to choose to install only the service Server, then, with a HeidiSQL (Database graphical management tool), Perfect will be available, or Navicat will be available, and then the next step will be available.

3. Select the installation directory. Sometimes the installation program will not let you select the installation directory, and you have to accept it. Let him install the C drive by default, and then proceed to the next step.

4. Click "execute", wait for completion, and then click "Next ".

5. continue to the next step

6. This is not very important. Select the port number of the mysql5.7 service. Generally, choose 3306 or 3308, as long as the port does not conflict.

7. Enter the password twice and remember it. If you do not want to log on, you will be JJ, and then proceed to the next step.

8. continue to the next step

9. Click execute, wait for completion, and then Finish

10. continue to the next step and Finish the task. We hope that the installation is successful !!

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