Dual-line dual IP very good, netcom users to access the Netcom line, telecommunications users access to telecommunications lines

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Many people will choose to import static routing table, this approach seems perfect, in fact, a lot of problems.

1, telecommunications users if the IP is resolved to the Netcom, the server according to the routing table will return to the telecommunications line, but the user is the request of the Netcom IP, so users do not get anything, as if you bought something from the first floor, shopping malls in the second floor to you shipped, and do not tell you to go to the second floor to take.

2, even if the correct resolution, but if it is an education network users, the server because the routing table does not have an IP record and will not return anything.

3, the IP is constantly changing, there are new, to keep the road from the table is too tired.

The existence of any of the above three articles, I think you will not consider using static routing table.

OK, the following:

Windows 2003 default dual NIC configuration But there is a problem, often without reason, there will be a network card disconnected, frequency, time is uncertain. The reason for this is that Windows comes with the "Dead Gateway Monitoring" feature, first we want to close it in the registry.

That is, disabling dead gateway monitoring

Open the Registry


Right, new DOWRD entry: EnableDeadGWDetect, value set to 0

Restart the server when set up, otherwise this value will not be valid.

At this point, the problem is half solved, the gateway will not jump back and forth, but this time there will be a network card can not connect.

Because Windows only allows a default gateway, in order to solve this problem, please follow the Feather Mountain continue to operate.

The lower right corner of the tray has two network card connection icon, a telecommunications, a netcom, click on one, open the NIC properties interface

Open the Properties page for the TCP/IP protocol

Download (37.22 KB)

2012-4-13 13:17

Continue, click the Advanced (V) ... button.

Download (15.52 KB)

2012-4-13 13:17

Download (37.8 KB)

2012-4-13 13:17

Notice the content in the red box, which is the focus.

Default gateway metric, set to 2

Tick off the automatic hop count and fill it with 10.

Another card is the same setting

Dual-line dual IP very good, netcom users to access the Netcom line, telecommunications users access to telecommunications lines

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