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<Th> and <td> labels: <th> defines the header, and the font is bold. <td> common cells
Div + css layout
The HTML page with a good structure has almost no labels showing attributes. The code is very clean and concise. For example,
Original Code <table width = "80%" cellpadding = "3" border = "2" align = "left">,
Now you can only write <table> in HTML, and write all the control items in CSS.
In HTML, table is a table, rather than anything else (for example, used for layout and positioning ).
Plan the Page Structure:
Logo and site name
Homepage content
Site Navigation (main menu)
Search box
Functional area (such as shopping cart and cashier)
Footer (copyright and relevant legal disclaimer)

Four Methods for adding css to a webpage:
1. Add a style directly to the row
<Label Name style = "style property: attribute value ;...... ">
2. embed the style sheet into the file header (add the style label to the head label and execute this rule throughout the page)
<! -- Format: Selector 1 {style attribute: property value; style attribute; property value ......} -->
H1 {color: green}
3. Connect to the sample list (connect multiple html files to a sample list file to change the details of a sample list file. All webpages will change)
<! -- Use the link label and add it to the head. *. css is a style table file compiled with only rules or declarations,
Without tags, The href attribute can use absolute or relative URLs.
<Link Rel = stylesheet href = "*. css" type = "text/css">
4. Input style sheet
<Style type = "text/css">
@ Import url (File Name of the external style sheet );

Class and id class selector (the difference between the two is. And #)
Two definition methods and usage of class:
<Style type = "text/css">
. Pp {color: lime; font-family:}
P.pt {color: blue; font-family:} (the P value must be the tag name)
These classes can be referenced in HTML using the class attribute:
<H1 class = pp> pp class style <P class = pt> pt class style </p>
In this example, the pp class can be used for any label, and the pt class can only be used for <p> labels,
Id class selector:
<Style type = "text/css">
# A1 {style attributes: attribute values ;......}
Tag # a1 {style attribute: attribute value ;......}

<Div> and <span> labels
<Div> A tag is used to specify the style of a region (including text, images, tables, and forms ).
<Div id = style name> ...... </Div>
Or: <div class = style name> ...... </Div>
<Span> the usage is the same as that of <div>, but it is used in relatively small areas. div can contain span labels,
In addition, the <div> area object and the context outside the area will automatically wrap, but <span> will not.
Css features
You can use one style for Multiple labels: h1, p {font-family:}
Style rules can be extended from parent to child

Css attributes
Font attribute: font-family:;
Font style: font-style:
Font Deformation: font-variant:
Bold font-weight: 200
Font size Control: font-size: 25px
Font change: text-transform controls all case changes
Text modifier: text-decoration
Line spacing: line-height
First line indent: text-indent
Background color: background-color
Background image: background-image: url(a.jpg)
Background Image repeatability: background-repeat: repeat-x horizontal,-y vertical, no-repeat no repetition
Fixed background image attributes: determines whether the background image follows the scrolling content or does not move.
Background-attachment: scroll/fixed (rolling/fixed)
(Unfinished ......)

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