Easily send oversized files with icewarp WebMail smart Attachments

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Icewarp v11 mail Server can set up a normal user's folder map in the system as the user's personal FTP folder, let the user through WebMail to manage and use the mail server side of the FTP service provided, and then combined with WebMail smart accessories (Smartattach) Ability to send oversized files to each other via email. The actual sending is not the large file itself, but the file share provided by HTTP, the download operation of oversize attachments does not occupy the limited bandwidth resources of the mail server. In addition, it can be further combined with the latest version of Icewarp V11.4 to provide teamchat online meetings, windocument Office documents online editing, such as a series of online cloud services Icewarp, Icewarp Provides a comprehensive set of future-oriented cloud collaboration office environments for businesses of all sizes.

Below, let's look at the perfect combination of Icewarp WebMail and Icewarp FTP.

The actual operation is divided into the server administrator in the ICEWARP Server console operation, and Webmail client mailbox user operation two aspects:

First, the Extron Server Remote Management Console set up the FTP server

1, the administrator in the ICEWARP server set up FTP service point.

1) In the Remote Management console, select the FTP----General tab----The Add button and the FTP Service dialog box appears.

2) Enter the site name in the site text box of the FTP Service dialog box and the Home Directory text box to enter the corresponding FTP server directory on the server.

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3) On the User tab of the FTP Service dialog box, add the FTP user and set the user permissions. Specify the user name and user type for the system, that is, the user who specified the FTP from the mail server's mailbox user, in the list of accounts, select Add a mailbox account that requires the FTP service, enter the user's FTP home directory in the home directory, to hold the user upload to the server of the large data file.

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4) On the Permissions tab, specify the user's FTP operation permissions, by default the user has all permissions to manipulate the directory. Save exit after adding complete.

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2, in the Remote Management console operation, the user webmail a folder designated as the user's FTP directory.

For example, set the document folder in User1 user webmail to the user's FTP upload directory.

1) in the user management interface of the remote management console, select Domain & account-------Manage------user-----User1 User---User tab---Permissions button, the Folder dialog box appears, select the Documents folder, specify the folder as the user's default FTP folder, which is used to save uploaded oversized data files.

2) Select the Folder Sync button, the Path dialog box appears, enter the user's FTP personal directory in the Path text box, consistent with the previous FTP user home directory. This completes the user's mailbox folder and the user FTP personal folder corresponding to the user in the FTP client upload data upload completed, and corresponding to save in the WebMail user folder, user-friendly through the browser to complete the subsequent operation. If you send and receive messages with attachments via webmail, attachments can be from files saved in your personal folder.

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Second, client browser webmail client operation.

1. Uploading user's personal data files via browser in WebMail.

Upload data file by browser method is simple, you can simply drag the operation or by adding an attachment button to complete a simple file upload, but more than the operation file size less than 2G of data, because the HTTP upload mode is slow, once the line connection is broken, resulting in file upload interrupted, but also need to manually re-upload.

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2. Upload oversized files via FTP client software. For example, through the common FlashFXP, cuteftp and many other professional FTP client upload, these client operations benefit is to support the disconnection, automatic connection. Support multi-threaded multiple connection, secure fast upload download.

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3) If User1 uses FTP to upload a large file to the user's FTP folder, after logging in webmail, the user can manage and use the folder corresponding to the FTP directory, as shown in: Select the file, you can preview online, edit pictures, Word, Excel Office documents, Slides, and so on, without the need for a local computer to install Office software like Office, saving users money on software purchases. You can also download the file to the user's computer by downloading it on the right, by sending it as an attachment, sending a message containing a plain attachment, or sending a large data file via a smart attachment.

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4) easily send oversized files via icewarp WebMail Smart Accessory

If you want to send large files above 50M, it is very slow to send the mail attachments, and it will take up the bandwidth of mail server and affect the efficiency of mail sending and receiving. Icewarp can be ftp to upload large files to the user's FTP directory, such as the User1 user's Win10 ISO file 3.9G, you can send the file as a smart attachment by mail to the other side, or share links to provide other users download.

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Send by mail, select Smart attachments to send.

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After the recipient receives the message, you can download the oversized attachment based on the file link address in the message.

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Through the smart attachment way, do not worry about the transmission of large files, because the large file attachment is not sent with the mail, just give the other side to their FTP directory download file HTTP download link address, safe and fast, receiving users can be fast download software such as thunder and other clients.

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Easily send oversized files with icewarp WebMail smart Attachments

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