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The data center can provide cabinets and bandwidth rental services for customers' key servers, enabling servers to maintain endless services on the 7th day and 24 hours a day every week. If you are interested in building your own Web, Email, Ftp, and SQL Server, and your website's applications are complex or your website's renewal rate is high, you can purchase your own server, host the machine.

If you want to have your own Web, Email, FTP, SQL, and other servers, you can use either self-built or hosted. Self-built systems require a high level of professional hardware and software technicians, who need to invest a lot of money to purchase software and hardware, and pay daily maintenance and line communication fees that are not capped, with 365-day uninterrupted power supply fees per year, hardware firewall and other costs, the construction cycle is also long. In comparison, hosting is economical, fast, and practical.

The basic action mechanism of the Internet is the user/Server (Client/Server), which features cross-time and cross-region. That is to say, even if everyone is on the network, the two sides can communicate directly, which provides us with an important technical means: RemoteControl ). The technical basis and methods of server hosting are mainly "User/service" and "remote control. That is, no matter where our users are, as long as they can access the Internet, they can control the servers that are far away from the world, so as to own and maintain the servers.

Advantages of server hosting:

I. Cost Saving

Line: enterprises do not have to lease expensive Netcom lines, so they can share or exclusively enjoy the high-speed bandwidth of data centers.

2. Personnel and site

Personnel: professional technical staff of the center shall consult and maintain around the clock, saving the cost of maintenance personnel. On-site: the complete power supply, air conditioning, monitoring and other equipment ensures the normal operation of enterprise servers, saving a lot of cost for building equipment rooms. -Flexible users can flexibly select the lines, ports, and value-added services provided by the data center as needed. You can flexibly Configure the server as needed to achieve full application without being subject to the functional limitations of the VM service.

Iii. Stability

The server load will not be too heavy due to shared hosts, resulting in server performance degradation or paralysis. In an independent host environment, you can strictly check your behaviors and programs and perform precise tests to improve the server stability to the highest level.

Iv. Security

When a shared host is used, different users have different permissions, which poses a security risk. In an independent host environment, you can set your own host permissions and select firewall and anti-virus facilities as needed.

5. Exclusive

A shared host is a shared resource. Therefore, the server response speed and connection speed are slower than those of an independent host. Independent hosts can select sufficient network bandwidth and other resources and server grade to ensure host response and high network speed.

What is the difference between host hosting and virtual host hosting?

The server hosting service can be divided into machine hosting and virtual hosts.

"Server hosting" is to place a server in a company that has a network environment that is actually connected to the Internet, or rent a server to it, you can remotely configure the server to WWW, email, and FTP servers. "VM" refers to the hard disk Of a UNIX or NT System, the subdivided hard disk space can be configured as www, email, and FTP servers with independent domain names and IP addresses. When such a server is browsed, it cannot be seen that it shares a host system resource with others. Users who rent a space on this machine can use remote control technology, such as remote login (telnet) File Transfer (FTP), with full control over the part of his space, such as information download and application function configuration. The "virtual host" method has an independent site. Its cost-performance ratio is much higher than that of self-built and maintained servers. Currently, this method of website establishment is increasingly used by enterprises and institutions.

The advantage of "server hosting" is that users have full control over the host and can develop their own network services based on their own characteristics. Why do enterprises need to apply for server drag-and-pipe services? Has its own WWW server, and publishes its own business information to the world, so that others can share it, to create a corporate image, promote the advertising of products and services, it also contributed to the construction of Chinese information resources on the Internet. At the same time, it also makes enterprises have an electronic company introduction. With its own Email server, employees can have their own Email mailboxes, which not only meet the communication needs, but also effectively protect the privacy of each employee; it has its own FTP server, allowing customers to directly transmit a large number of files and software from the Internet, which is both convenient and economical. It provides an all-new means for enterprises to strengthen after-sales services.

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