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The Netty Quanwei Guide (2nd edition) is a classic in the field of asynchronous non-blocking communications, based on a new version of Netty 5.0, is the first in-depth introduction of Netty principles and architecture of the book, but also the author of many years of practical experience summary and enrichment. The content includes not only Java NIO primer knowledge, Netty basic function development guidance, codec framework customization, but also private protocol stack customization and development, Netty Core Library source code analysis, and Netty architecture analysis.

About the author
Li Lin, Netty China promoter, is now Platform middleware Architecture and Design department designer, company President Technology Innovation Award winner. Long-term engaged in the architecture design and development of high-performance communication software, has many years of experience in the design, development and operation of the NIO field, proficient in NIO programming and Netty, Mina and other mainstream NIO framework.

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ebook Netty authoritative guide 2nd edition. pdf free Download

ebook Netty authoritative guide 2nd edition. pdf

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