eclipse4.2.1 plug-in installation (ii) Eclipse HTML Editor

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The Eclipse HTML Editor plugin mainly provides the following features:
-Html/jsp/xml/css/dtd/javascript Syntax highlighting
-html/jsp Preview
-Jsp/xml Verification
-HTML tags, DTD-based XML, and content input completion for JSP tags
-Html/jsp/xml Creation Wizard

The installation of this plugin requires GEF support and the palette view cannot be viewed if the GEF is not installed.

First download the graphical editing framework file that HTMLEditor relies on for GEF,, download the latest version of here.

Then download the HTMLEditor plugin with the address


Download latest Version: tk.eclipse.plugin.htmleditor_2.2.0.

Under D:\eclipse\dropins, create a new folder gef-all-3.8.1, extract the features and plugins folders under the downloaded gef-all-3.8.1 to the new folder, and then download the

Tk.eclipse.plugin.htmleditor_2.2.0.jar file under D:\eclipse\dropins, restart Eclipse!

Attached: CSS style sheet, etc. may be opened by default is not Eclipse HTML Editor, just need to in the menu bar windows-preferences-general-editors-files associations, find the appropriate extension , select the corresponding editor below, the right point of the default is good.


eclipse4.2.1 plug-in installation (ii) Eclipse HTML Editor

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