Eg:nginx reverse proxy Two Web servers for load balancing all Web services share a single NFS storage

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Step1: Three Web Server Environment configuration: iptables-f; Setenforce 0 shut down the firewall; close Setlinux

Step2: Three Web server install software

STEP3: Host modification configuration file: vim/usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf

Proxy Server Modify the file: Modify the port, the port can be set by itself, do not change the default is OK, but the corresponding match

For test needs, change the HTML files for the three Nginx machines:


echo Server1 (SERVER2/3) >> mv/usr/local/nginx/html/index.html

Step4: Start Ngnix


STEP5 test the IP of the access host to see if the server will be replaced.

STEP6 Three Machines install NFS (the above environment is already configured OK)

Yum Install Rpcbind nfs-utils-y

STEP7 Host Configuration NFS

Mkdir/share #创建分享目录

Mount/dev/sdb1/share mount a usable hard disk


To start NFS:

Modify the path permissions of the/share to allow access to read and write permissions for the client

chmod 775/share

STEP8 Modifying the proxy server:

Proxy Server as Client, NFS configuration is not modified, but shared files must be set

Mount (Set the shared file path to HTML to ensure that three machines share the same storage)

STEP9 Test

echo ' Hello World ' >>/share/test.html

Access IP to see if it can be displayed

Eg:nginx reverse proxy Two Web servers for load balancing all Web services share a single NFS storage

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