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The EJS Gantt Gantt chart is a Web browser-based Gantt solution based on the JAVASCRIPT/HTML5 Core library development. Support: Calendar settings, WBS decomposition, duration setting, relevance setting, critical path, schedule scheduling, etc. Applications that can be applied to project management systems, production execution Systems (MES), Resource management Systems (ERP), or other areas of task resource allocation. The EJS Gantt Gantt Chart can be integrated with any back-end code (. NET, JSP) as a JSP Gantt chart, an ASP.

EJS Gantt Gantt Chart features:

    • For project management, scheduling and scheduling tasks are available
    • It can be regarded as the core of the application, providing the features of Microsoft Project or Primavera Online Network
    • Ability to achieve task set time or end date or both (mirror), percent complete
    • Support Milestones and 0 durations
    • Task resources can be displayed and resources may be filtered by row
    • Supports resource use, such as workflow or material-based resources. It also supports the availability chart
    • For a discrete bar chart of the actual flow graph, the actual task completion can be displayed on the taskbar
    • Supports a variety of tags, any custom icon can use a specific ToolTip to display the exact date
    • Tasks have dependencies between them as inheritors or ancestors (predecessors) or both (mirroring)
    • Dependencies include End-start (FS), End-end (FF), Start-start (ss), Start-end (SF)
    • There may be more dependencies between the two tasks (SS + FF)
    • Dependencies lag in any unit of time, such as hours, days, or days elapsed
    • Dependency constraints define the availability span between dependency start, lag, and end
    • Ability to check for cyclic dependencies
    • can automatically correct dependencies and move related tasks after task movement, adjustment or dependency changes
    • Dependencies can only be corrected on demand, and incorrect dependencies are displayed in red
    • If the dependencies are correct, all input results and chart changes are automatically checked
    • Exclude a gap between dates, any defined date, date range, or recurrence date
    • The gap between dates can be excluded from the Gantt Chart calculation, or it can be hidden in the chart
    • Tasks cannot move forward due to project start date constraints, or the first task is forced to start
    • Critical path management, key tasks and specified details can be emphasized or filtered
    • The task date constrains the early Start date, the early end date, the late start date, and the late end date
    • All date constraints are rendered in the Gantt Chart icon and can be added, deleted, and moved directly in the diagram
    • You can highlight a custom date or date range in the background or foreground
    • Fully customizable head of the Gantt Chart, you can define any date format using one or more header rows
    • The Gantt chart is fully interactive, and all entries can be changed directly through the mouse in the chart.
    • Gantt Chart behavior is fully customizable by defining keys and mouse action patterns.
    • The Gantt Chart's pop-up menu (custom) feature and other available features can be right-clicked from the menu using the
    • The selection of the smoothing zoom of the date range is by dragging the mouse to the title or clicking on the specific date
    • Different date and title formats allow custom zoom levels to be limited in size and background differences
    • Custom CSS style, each component can display a completely different bar chart (shape and color)
    • In custom JavaScript, API events and methods extend the features of the Gantt chart
    • RTL version of Middle East language plus Hirji date and calendar
    • Free: http://www.51diaodu.com/pdt/5213
    • Demo:http://www.51diaodu.com/demo/5213/examplesgantt/html/index.html

Ejs Gantt Chart demo address and free

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