Encapsulated javascript front-end paging plug-in pagination and pagination Paging

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Encapsulated javascript front-end paging plug-in pagination and pagination Paging

Recently, the front-end paging is used in the Development Project. It has been used before. To facilitate future use, it is encapsulated into a third-party plug-in without relying on any libraries. There are already many plug-ins on the Internet. What do you need to build your own wheels?

High scalability of Self-Writing
Independent from any database
As a technological accumulation

Let's take a look at it first.

Installation Method

First, we need to load css and js in the page.
<Link rel = "stylesheet" href = "dist/pagination.css">
<Script src = "dist/pagination. js"> </script>


Pagination ({
Cur: 1, // current page number
Total: 6, // total number of pages
Len: 5, // how many pages are displayed
TargetId: 'pagination', // bind a paging Element
Callback: function (){
// Callback function

Parameter Introduction


Current page number. The current page is transferred each time.


Total number of pages, which can be obtained based on the total number and the number displayed per page


Quantity displayed on the page bar




Functions executed after page rendering, such as event binding.

The demo uses static data. If you call the data on the server, you only need to change the for loop in the index. js file to an Ajax request.

Download http://xiazai.jb51.net/201601/yuanma/pagination-master (jb51.net.zip

Demo http://demo.jb51.net/js/2016/pagination-master/

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