"Encrypt and decrypt" Android App so dynamic library debugging analysis

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Debug so the phone requires root privileges, while the debug mode is turned on.
1, upload android_server to/data/local/tmp
ADB push android_server/data/local/tmp
2, root permission to execute./android_server, the results are as follows

[Email protected]:/data/local/tmp#./android_server./android_serverida Android +-bit Remote Debug Server (ST) v1.17. Hex-rays (c)2004- -Listening on port#23946 ...=========================================================[1] Accepting connection from127.0. 0. 1...[1] Closing connection from127.0. 0. 1...=========================================================[2] Accepting connection from127.0. 0. 1...[2] Closing connection from127.0. 0. 1...

3, the implementation of ADB forward tcp:23946 tcp:23946, the purpose is to make communication between the computer and the mobile phone, using TCP 23946
4. Start Ida and choose remote ARM linux/android Debugger
Then select Menu Debugger->process option-> Enter the address at hostname and select menu Debugger->attach a process to select the processes to attach.
5. F2 or right mouse button to set breakpoints in the so code that need to be traced, trace analysis can be.

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"Encrypt and decrypt" Android App so dynamic library debugging analysis

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