Entanglement Web App (six-side jigsaw puzzle game)

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Plugin Introduction:

For those of you who often face computer work, a game that lets you relax is essential, and today we recommend a little game to spend your leisure time. Entanglement is the Gopherwood studio for you to do the six-side jigsaw puzzle game, try to make the longest way possible. Rotate and place the hexagonal tile etching path to extend your path without running to the wall.

Instructions for use:

Add the Entanglement Web app (six-edged jigsaw puzzle) to Chrome and launch it in your app.

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Feature Description:

-Challenge mode; You can constantly challenge yourself or others ' records.
-Sakura Grove: A completely new game-game mode of entanglement! You have a spacious garden surrounded by cherry trees, but you only have a few tiles to play their power to get more tiles by guiding your path through a cherry tree.
-Henna Flower-a new flower-shaped figure entangled with the original rule. The map is larger, but the petals provide an interesting challenge.
-Lotus Petals-a new small map of entanglement also uses the original rules. This is a great training base to practice your abilities, strings, long paths and plans for future actions.
-Daily Challenge: Challenge new challenges for the haunting players every day! All users are given the exact same set of tiles that compete individually for the strategy for the Daily championship!

http://www.chrome001.com/ Google plugin Daquan long-term update for you.

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Entanglement Web App (six-side jigsaw puzzle game)

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